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Idea keeping the services incorporated, and then they left side. 935577 is an independent organization pursuant to an agreement with the bank. Traffic and weather on the AIDS. Let's go to Ian Crawford in the W T o P traffic center. 66 in both directions. Still hung up pretty badly. Is your approach exit? 60? For what? 23 westbound from Nutley Street eastbound from Route 50, and you're gonna be writing the ramps to get around this work for the rest of the night as they do overhead demolition. It's blocking the main travel lanes again. Riding the ramps, bolt directions on 66 at exit. 64 1 23 chain Bridge Road, Everything else on 66 remains quiet Beltway. No reported delays in either Virginia or Maryland, inner and outer loop running without any reported issues. 3, 95 and 95 so far so good. No reported delays in the main travel lanes. Did have some issues down by a Stafford exit 1 40, but I believe that is now shouldered. Right? That's going north bound on 95 in Alexandria and old town, Alexandria at that grew one. That's Henry Street North, bound between Franklin Street and Duke Street Accident investigation blocks. All the lanes follow police direction to get around in European, Maryland on 95, The Baltimore Washington Parkway doing well, No reported delays. 50 across the Bay Bridge. No delays the right through buoy and Annapolis is uneventful. In the district. The freeway is quiet. To 90 five's also running without any reported delays. He and Crawford w T o p traffic and now the storm team four meteorologist Samara Theodore. Temperatures are headed into the twenties and teens overnight tomorrow highs. Will peak in.

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