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Guys. Thanks, listen to double backs podcasts where we talk about something that we can talk about it again. Andrew has a goal. And we got a new I got a new job the other day. Tell you all about please. All right. Well, it's chemical factory and hazardous waste all around. And they also make things like have learned things like that. But the whole thing I love about the job is that I work with women who are all about fifty five years old, and they all resemble the various stages of Roseanne throughout her run as Roseanne to be clear, we're talking about Roseanne Barr famous comedian comedian dethroned for racist tweet. Do you remember didn't the audience remembers when Roseanne saying the national anthem? Oh my God. No, they don't and no one ever talked about that when she got and all that fucking trouble. And I can't I was gonna say I can't believe that wasn't brought up during that shit. I fucking love. I mean no-one brought up the fact that. When she like a war as a whole Wingcast reward a big nose and calm yourself knows in as a as a rubber Jewish people. What are the time? We're Ted Danson win black face to the the Emmys. Yeah. Now, that's the numbers that right, nobody. Megan Kelly remembers them go him famous hometown hero Meghan Kelly, the second famous famous person from Bethlehem New York number one being. Chris Porco, Chris Porco berko Roseanne Barr national anthem. It was Chris Porco? The Chris Polk was the murderer and Peter Porco was zombie. Father was these ambi- father who Chris thought he killed, but he actually went into there's a there's a word for the state. But I don't know what it was. But he Chris Peter Porco. It's called really needing to read the times by the fact that you're fucking pleading last the few lasts strokes of the of the artists few last gasps of Peter Porco, the man who lived his life as a clerk and the last three files he put away where getting a writing a check shaving pissing. I'd imagine doing outside locking himself out reading op Ed by fucking Alan JARA talk. And and we're out in peace five five on the ground dead from wounds. Our? Inflicted by his spoiled brat. Son who is driving back to Rochester. Probably with the the smiles big as Cheshire cat. The now. He's routes in jail. Goodwin's the bed trash but engine. I drove by the Porco house. We did it was Irie. I wanted to pull in the driveway. But some every time I've ever driven by that house. There's somebody driving toward me. Yeah. It's like. Don't disturb. I wanna knock doing homes. I just wanted to be like, hey, we're from we're from on solve mysteries. I know this mystery has been solved, but we're Mona's ru. And we're wanted choose some Biro outside is that. Okay. You should do a thing where you heavily implied that it's an Amityville horror situation where the person who's living there now is going to be spoken to by demons to do the same thing again. We never come out and say, you just imply I think we should I should we should who fucking owns that house now. Like who was like, yeah. I'll buy the Porco murder house. I was probably sold for two hundred ten thousand dollars the year after Dan will thing by kitty Porco. I had a friend a lady friend who I don't talk to anymore who briefly worked at not worked. But briefly did all shopping at that Hannaford, and she said the one time she walked in. And there was a stare because kiddy poor go was in there shopping before she went to hospice provider self. Trying to normal life with a face destroyed by an axe. Yeah. Throw strand not looking good. She also say the national anthem..

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