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Required to record the problem can be combined with other credit offers exclusions apply US only Russia's defense minister says some crew members survived a fire that killed fourteen sailors on board one of Russia's deep sea research submersibles the BBC's Sarah Rainsford in Moscow is Russia's worst deep sea accident for over a decade the dead include two heroes of pressure and it was still many questions about what happens to the Kremlin isn't answering them spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that both the identity of the vessel involved on the activity it was engaged in a state secrets a matter of national security Mister Pascoe wouldn't be drawn on reports that it was in fact the A. S. twelve a highly secretive nuclear spy submarine nicknamed last shot it and thought to be used for the most sensitive mission okay and Barbara pushing across the Pacific is a powerful category four hurricane that it's very far from land not two thousand miles east of Hilo Hawaii moving to the west northwest fourteen miles per hour news and analysis town hall dot com in traffic we've got the answer this report is sponsored by choose M. eighty dot org find proven treatment for opiate addiction Dumbarton bridge west eighty four at the radio towers in earlier five vehicle accidents still blocking the right lane though estimated time of clearing traffic backed up solid beyond the toll plaza Castro valley west five eight at the two thirty eight interchange them late running Caltrans work has the two right lanes blocked the estimated time of clearing but it is backed up pretty have little round bread with road also little slow west by the end of the month pants from just reports will find out to north lane San Jose north one once in heavy going to eighty six eighty two eighty also heavy on the north eighty seven connector to north won a one that's traffic I'm Paul Maxwell medication assisted treatment or met is a proven treatment for opioid addiction using FDA approved medications coupled with counseling Matt significantly.

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