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I needed attention. Yeah. So she looked she found a self help thing. And that wasn't even the same thing that it became I could see how how could turn into something. It could turn anything. You're they're looking for help you were they're looking I guess, I guess that's what they were sort of looking for like, this is maybe what I gathered though, it was impounding. It was you know, female power. It was whatever it was was good for. Fella gay. Great. I didn't think who I thought maybe. Oh sounds a little colty because those are but not bad colty. Right. Not a ton of good is there's a cold. Look if something help someone and it's a healthy thing. And it doesn't make them zombies or doesn't manipulate or coerce them into doing something. That's good. It's it's also religion. If people want to believe in something believe, I have a friend who's a Mormon Hayes families wonderful. They live in Santa Clarita their happiest shit. And also, there's there's a look this is LA, bro. There's a fucked in probably ninety feet from here. You know, there's a fucking mid air force base in a hill right across the street university. Yeah. I think yeah. I think Jared Leto Leto has a fucking back door kitchen into at one time. And I went in there one time, and it were there his house. Yeah. Absolutely. Blew my mind wasn't an art gallery or some shit down there, dude. There's a hospital and there from nineteen fifty. They went in that invited. You he didn't invite me. I was there meeting with a group that he was he had this digital called Vert or something for awhile VRT digital group. This platform, and I'm at a meeting with them invite you over to that place that you've got to see the whole place. Yeah. Dude. How big is that it's huge. It's close to where I live. Oh, it's so close, bro. There's a hallway that's like three hundred feet long that goes into the hill. And basically he has he has his house, and it has access into this military base. Now, whether he's supposed to access it or not, you don't know. But it's like lost. I mean, it it's one of those doors with the fucking looks like you're in the ocean go there if like there was a war or something you like break into Jared, Leto home. He'll be fine him and anybody who knows that knows. He has that will be fine. But you go to the factors. There's a heliport. There's a hell a place where a fucking helicopter can land it blew Ma there's a huge hangar. It's settled pool. I didn't see it. He might have a pool, but I didn't see his house much. I saw ten percent of his home and ninety percent of that thing had a movie theatre had chairs from the nineteen fit. I go there. I bet you could. I'm a movie with him movie years ago. You could say, hey, man, I live literally blocks away her give this really cool thing. I'd love to pop in sometime. I don't have enough Jared's number anymore. Fuck number from ninety eight. It's probably still not even on Twitter is he just show, but one of his concerts, and he's in that band, thirty seconds to Mars to you like them..

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