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Dr Nathan Newman doctor to top athletes and celebrities plus creator of stem cell based Luminus is proud to announce a much lower price on his products doctor Newman tell me about the long term benefit of luminous verses other store bought products the technology that we have it comes from the factors and the polypeptides that the stem cells are producing these at the language that the skin uses to talk to each other and by using these products you're maintaining the health and balance of the skin verses other products with that we used to have before this technology came about was only putting something to cover the skin it was never really to help to maintain the balance of the skin so when we're using the luminous Caroline we're going to continue to have a very healthy and beautiful looking skin that will be maintained they will continue to get better and better over time purses when you're using a moisturizer when using most of the other products that we had before this technology you would only get sort of the moisture is right there and and and that was that there was no long term benefits thank you doctor Newman for several years we have offered luminous products and decided a price reduction was in order so more can enjoy the amazing benefits of doctor Newman stem cell based woman asks shop now at healthy looking dot com or call toll free eight hundred six oh four thirty one twenty nine if you would like to try a luminous how about our starter kit postage paid for nineteen ninety nine see the full line of products from luminous plus our starter kit offer healthy looking dot com that's healthy looking dot com or call eight hundred six oh four thirty one twenty nine lumin S. from healthy looking dot com.

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