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And obviously, with LeBron and Jordan, you're never going to see that play out. In real time with the homes and Brady. We are seeing it play out, and it's not. You know, the NFL hasn't traditionally lent itself to those sort of discussions. They've been much more basketball related discussions, you'll talk about who the best quarterback in the NFL is at a certain point who the best Quarterback you ever saw was or you know who was better between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning when they were both playing at that point in time, but I don't recall Berry Sanders and Emmitt Smith. I remember being an argument when I was growing up. About running backs. I don't recall so much it happening. Between you know. Generations in a sense where you were talking about the greatest of all time and who might catch the greatest of all time and for them to happen to coincide. That's a testament to Brady. By the way, I mean, I know I'm picking the Chiefs. I know I'm saying Patrick Holmes is the best I've ever seen. And he's on a different level, even from Tom Brady. But When you're talking about the fact that you could even get and have this matchup. That's a credit to Tom Brady more than anything, because he's still around and still playing at that level, which is Just a hell of an accomplishment. 43 years old. It changes the way you think about a little bit. Russell Wilson told me on Thursday that he wants to play another 10 to 15 years and I heard that number. I was like, Whoa, that's a lot. But then yet you look at Brady and you see where he's at. That's the possibilities for it. I mean, Brady's game can age a little bit. I think better than some others because he has never been reliant on like athleticism. In some ways, he's kind of like a pitcher. You know, you know, he sits there and delivers the ball. But His ability to move in the pocket his ability to get the ball out quickly. His understanding in the game and all that stuff means he's always going to To be dangerous in any moment. Of course, he's not going to get rattled. It's just a question of whether they've got enough to keep up with Kansas City and I will favor the Chiefs in that. Matchup. I'm picking Kansas City. I'll say 31 24. I think Tampa might get out to a little bit of an early lead, frustrate the chief's a bit at the beginning. Then the chief's roll off a bunch of consecutive points build up like a to score cushion. And Tampa's trying to make that up the remainder of the game and ultimately falls short. What's your Super Bowl? Prediction? 855 to 124227. 855 to 1 to 4 to 27 at Robin Lundberg on Twitter. That's our O b I n l u N d b e r g your last chance to get in on the Robin Lundberg Show here this morning, but I also aside from the Super Bowl. Aside from Kevin Durant, and what happened last night in the MBA, which I already talked about. I'll get to the topics I have not covered. As of yet, as we do at the end of the show every week in another one, that's all coming up here on CBS Sports Radio after this sports flash from Marco Poletti. See me? Yes. Sports flag. All right, Robin. Crazy scene.

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