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For military police ems and firemen whether they be active discharged or retired you can learn more about this by going to or calling larry at nine eight nine six five to six eight to three and get out and support this program now let's turn our attention to noah currier an oscar mike we want to welcome to veterans radio today know courier a former marine and noah welcome to veterans radio hey thanks for having me guys well we're glad to have you on to talk about your experiences as well as getting around to talking about oscar mike both a foundation and apparel company that you founded to support the foundation but before we get to that let's let's back up how how nice boy like you from illinois ended up in the marines well you could eat blame it on one of two things either watching full metal jacket way too many times or the fact that my father had served in the marine corps in the early seventies right at the end of vietnam in this was a direction that you were sure you were heading to when you were in high school tell us how you how'd you joined up well yeah i mean i think i it was it was a lot earlier than that in life that i knew that i like paint the eagle globe and anchor and art classes and you know dating back to elementary school i think and you know it was just something i always wanted to do because for some reason i thought that crawling through mud in the jungle looked really cool i've been getting to do any of that because he spent most of the time in either desert or mountains by either way it was what i wanted and yeah it will join when i was seventeen i signed up for the delayed entry program and you know that was supposed to be a twelve month bang and then i think i was supposed to leave in october or november after i graduated high school but ended up getting a little bit of trouble i got fight and i had to leave a few months earlier than expected which put the end the unit that i was in because of the timing and i think everything ended up happening for a reason and i got the beat surrounded by what i would consider some of the greatest guys on the planet when i was in my unit and i fight armored reconnaissance talion kelly company yeah and joined during peak time i did not know if there was going to ever be a war as a matter of fact i was seventeen and my mom was banning the paperwork for me for the delayed entry program my recruiter at the time i was the first guy that he was recruiting and he was at my house and i had them flipped to infantry and recon and the in the big book that he brought up all the different jobs or molasses and my mom said told him to hold on fm if i joined one of those fields if he could guarantee that i'd never have to go to war if there ever was one and i remember his reply was man we haven't been to war in about ten years i don't think that's going to be a problem now can never guarantee that they'll be the back part of that statement was right he shouldn't have guaranteed anything let's put the timing on this you joined up in two thousand yeah left and ended up in a unit that became deployed to afghanistan following the tax september eleventh yeah we didn't really do anything for aghanistan there were too early on and we really did offloaded equipment and to pakistan and i think some tomboy security there but i wasn't really a part of any significant operation there we just spent a lot of time sitting off the coast waiting for orders and we never got them on the planet so what we called it operation enduring boredom on the ship he's marine bat around waiting for the orders that never came through and we were gone for almost a year on that deployment and came home for a couple of months and caffeine right back over and this time was i think the.

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