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We can crack great on. With journey to the glorious past David here, we cannot just a mildly entertaining. ARGUMENT BETWEEN GENERATIONS WITH BORIS, Becker Nick, but we'll leave you. Go look that up. This is all about two of the greatest players we've ever had and. One of the greatest rivalries Cerny, we've ever had an and frankly the last couple of House that we've just spent rewatching the end of the full set tiebreak, and then the fifth set was just a joy. Wasn't it if you haven't gathered from David's? Clues that we're going to be reliving the very very famous Bjorn Borg John McEnroe Wimbledon Men's final, if nine, thousand, nine, hundred eighty. The probably the most famous tie-break of all time and one of the most famous much is overall and probably the highlight of one of the sport's greatest ever rivalries. You've managed to to bring down the tone of all that by mentioning. Boris Becker inaccuracies twitter spot, which always deliberately trying to swerve that. Yes our friend Willy, said it's like a really shit banned giving a really long encore at the moment with all the fallout from the area tool. It's just like when is this going to end one of the other and A. High End Fashion Retail Outlet for fetched four I had been dragged into the fray unexpectedly which is. I mean even in a year of unexpected events. I think that that really really does. Take take the biscuit. So that's is current, tennis plays covering themselves, and whatever the opposite of glory is. Speaking of Willie by the way she is the the lady responsible for our or my mind I should say now previously David's. Facts about the past. What happened when? Everybody ready for the best part of the show. I mean this part. Yesterday gave her Scott Gaudio's twitter. which I mean. Down quite the rabbit hole with that man, I literally scrolled all the way to the bottom of his twitter timeline to figure out when he started when he started using them. Oh Jeez I mean it's great. Could. Actually I. Initially, I was desperately trying to search. The. Why happen if anyone talked about it so I put into Google Gaston. Gaudio twitter, and the first thing that came was at David Law tennis talking about data. From two thousand thirteen. You the only people that are into it or have even nativist. Answers or Get on the. Case your. In case you're struggling to know what day of the week it is two thousand and four French Open champion Gaston County man. Up. At my jokes on is a good one. Guest on Gary He didn't do anything in in one, thousand, nine, hundred, eighty. I'm afraid well. He was, too, wasn't he? Say that we know that because we everybody now knows he was born in one, thousand, nine, hundred, ninety eight. Don't ever forget it. born in Nineteen, eighty where Francesca Schiavone Martina Hingis Venus Williams. Merit San Fernando Gonzalez one callers. And Kim Kardashian. What a bunch! For, tennis, players. Venus Williams now for any one of these. These players still on tour and it's not Kim Kardashian. The police don't stand so close to me. Bill biggest selling single of the year strong I'd say strong read either. Ronald Reagan became the president of the United States of America John Lennon was shot dead in Manhattan outside the Dakota building. Which John McEnroe now lives in. Don't think he left the time, but they guy that starts my fund segue there. A. Fun segue after the assassination of John Lennon. Post, it notes reinvented. Good. It was. Hundred, come up with the idea posted notes so under well I. Mean you looking at a piece of paper You thinking? Wouldn't it be great if this was small and had a sticky bit on it? Without before I mean we'll? The definition of a great invention, isn't it that you think? How did this not previously exist? Anyway just to round off magical mystery tour of nineteen eighty it was the start of the Iran Iraq war. The Rubik's Cube A. Debut and Mount Saint Helens erupted in Washington state, killing fifty-seven. That wasn't the not intended to end on. I'll see if I can find something cheerier. Back. Let's go back to the rebate scheme. Has It. I heard I. saw I saw them around a few years ago. Having not seen them for about thirty. I mean I think they've always always been around. I could any good at them I do the one side. Night. My brother can do them and I can't even make a fist up them, which is a the tragic tale of my childhood? Nine thousand nine hundred eighty David. We're away of the lost law years. We're also A. Little Way off your tennis memory? Do you remember the book? Much is one of those ones where you can kind of convince yourself you? You remembered it. You've seen so much. Sitter since since that year. That's a good question because I properly remember nineteen, eighty one, which was the rematch for these two plays Joma can are winning the title for the first time in nineteen eighty one I remember watching that I think I remember it because of the buildup that I guess things that I'm out ahead on the news or in coverage of Wimbledon with telling me, but also my dad remember him me asking an I think it probably happened in eighty before I really knew what tennis probably was, but asking him. Who are these people and he may explaining to me, the beyond bowl could won this title full-time in a row and we now because of Federa- and never survivor and. Jock itch mores and the and the down in these areas where they've just gone flying past Grand Slam total wise. We. We normalized a little bit for Wimbledon titles in a row back then it was just not something that happened at all. I mean he won. Six French opens as well as five wimbledons. As we've heard in the commentary both on the radio and TV. He was regarded as the champion of champions. The dominant player of the year as as good as all those were McEnroe. Lendl Bowl was the man. He was the top seed coming into nine, thousand, nine, hundred eighty Wimbledon as he say the the four time defending champion McEnroe with the second seat. He'd beaten beyond book in the US Open final the previous year in one, thousand, nine, hundred, seventy nine. But he hadn't reached a Wimbledon final since stat famous run. He had as eighteen year old in in nineteen, seventy seven. When he reached, the hadn't reached semifinal since since that running seventy-seven as a qualify when you start to Jimmy Connors, good his revenge on Connors in the semi final in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty David in a match, which when quite some way see the fact that McEnroe was was booed onto court. Room when walking out for that final against beyond bog and. Women I mean Wimbledon now is an particularly partial to Boeing, but Wimbledon then had never seen or heard booing before now, and it's interesting because we've just watched the final and. Mechanized behavior, basically impeccable. You don't see any flashpoints a toll and then we've just gone back and watch the start of the match to sit. Watch again. The kind of entrance and to see the booing and they show highlights a few little moments from the semi final against corners and twenty eight minutes in mackinaw is asking for the referee to come out onto the court. And Connors is stood at the back, smiling and spinning his record on his finger, and then he goes into the crowd and sits on the front row. The spectators basically to laugh at macro WHO's losing his mind and the ten? The there was something almost chemical. It seemed about corners that set him off in a way. That bog calmed him down and it's quite interesting when you when you try. Try to think back to what was the advent of John McEnroe this? The Wild Man on the call and the way he tells is a match I, think against a fellow. American or an Australian. I think it was at the time Phil. Dent we think of Thailand his son being American, but he said I was somebody who give calls to my opponent if I thought that they were wrong. And then somebody pulled me aside and locker room. Said you don't do that. We don't do that here. And he said, and then one day I got angry about something that happened on court and I kicked my record across the call and everybody booed, and I thought okay. Then and I kicked it again and an an it almost started him off and. And he just and that's that's when the the whole reputation begun frank to full describes the in sports illustrated. He describes the semifinal incident with Connor..

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