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Jared PYLE DOT region, four communications manager got a lot to cover with him. That could well be of some interest to you. We're going to talk a little bit about ongoing work on twenty-five virtual public meetings that. have been scheduled and then cdot coming out with something very interesting least I founded interesting They're creating ads to deter driving under the influence of cannabis after a two year study, so we got a lot of ground to cover. With jared files cdot region four communications manager when he joins us at. Right around eight thirty five. We talk so much about the number of businesses small and large that have been. Hit so hard many shuddered permanently case in point as a result of the COVID, nineteen case in point, according to a May survey, sent out to restaurants around the state by the Colorado Restaurant Association more than four hundred Colorado restaurants four hundred have been forced to close their doors permanently this since the pandemic head to large chunk with the Colorado Restaurant Association. According to a piece out of nine news said that while the four hundred number is based off the survey of restaurant owners, the Association believes the closure number may even be higher well. COVID nineteen related closures taking its toll on gyms, fitness facilities across the state as well this as twenty four hour..

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