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Right. Unless you didn't do it. Right. It's because you're different and you have different circadian rhythms. And you have different everything so follow principles in tune for yourself. And that was the biggest mistake that I made twenty years ago when I was working on on this this seems to work really, well, but guess what? Most people are gonna six four formerly obese almost muscular guy, and all that really matters. And so for me to do the same thing that would work really well for one of my friends from south India, where they have a totally different genetic heritage and different diet that evolved over the course of tens of thousands of. Years they might handle grooms better than I do. Right. And that's okay. And neither one of us is right or wrong. And it's it's that mindset that I think that you carry well in your work, and you've evolved your diet substantially over time based on evidence based on what works where did you start out from a nutritional perspective. Like when you started on Koa dot com and nine hundred seven just walked people listening. How much you've changed impressed by that face Sarpi four when I was in grade school, and I was having margarine on white toast to Hedwig sprinkled with cinnamon sugar. Yes. And then I then I graduated to oatmeal or Quaker Oats or something. And then didn't get much better was definitely low fat my fat intake with solo, admittedly. I have a genetic defect for hemolytic anemia. Call cmih beta Vela Sania. So my cholesterol levels are low. But I got my cholesterol down to seventy five which is bad. That's criminal. That's not bad as criminal. So you know, I didn't it wasn't intentional. It's just an artifact of just following a low fat diet for me. So that was what that was pre med school. But it med school wasn't much different. I didn't really understand this until I was mentored by Rosedale in ninety five to any help me. Appreciate the Ron Rosedale and a physician who's really popularize the insulin concept. So he was one of the first people advocating the importance of insolent because it was he pretty much discovered insulin resistance because it syndrome x right now, no syndrome mix is different different metabolic syndrome so metabolic that's That's what something. I'm thinking. That was I think Gerald raven lose. Okay. Got it. But no, he he's popularized certainly in our community is no question. He was the leader in that. And you know, I was I remember electoral hall with him with like fifteen of us who is just tell explaining splitting insulin worked on a Jane change my approach, and really I started getting much better results in my practice clinically. But, you know, then you just learn more more recent stuff has elected issues that was prom promoted or what widely spread by gunnery and Lexi's were in the bulletproof diet to one of five big things in food. But but they're an important one. You're ahead of the curve. No question. But well before I appreciate it. And now is definitely part of any any strategy. I'm recommend for anyone for the you know question of remove electons. But. What the spec to diet? I think the the Cuna was like relatively recent four years ago or so in real mostly raw and kind of vegetarian ish maybe the way to describe it for while. I think we've all been Ida too. I was vegan for LA Moross, better vegan. But I did believe in raw foods, and I still eat a lot of raw foods, but. You know, it not that. I mean, it's not exclusively raw foods. I think it's there's no not a Cindy cook. Especially some of these vegetables or or to remove the electives is it's really important to do that. Yeah..

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