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Cos. Actually, he's stuck in the studio is a bit of attention. Stupid that we develop the Broncos studio wrote about it must get the Mustang school just because All right. Well now, one important question that I know is on everybody's mind, Paul, since you've lived on both sides of the pond, which is better warm or cold beer. Hey, speaks the truth. He speaks the truth. If I could have Kobe and curvy roads and happy, But they asses long as you get to drive on him with a Bronco cannot quick, quick question. Cool. I'm grieving. But don't mind me asking this. And you have to fight your corner in anyway, We came up with a particular O'Brien look of steel of a particular aspect ofthe Bronco. Any resistance came from elsewhere. Unfold when you presented your renderings direction, but we've opened through going Yeah, And so they should be. Well, you know, the conscious passion business cripple Albertine about what they're doing So many given moment if you've not just We're not trying again. What's giving them food? Something new. I'm not made an undefined space not made of opinions about what that space might be A part of that means, but it also could be the point. So you should stop pushing pool on debate. That's really good. Ailments of the vehicle that albeit news. We're doing things a bit differently. I guess between differently for things that you're different from him through the hole, and that means the world weakens without innovation and invention. He's actually a bit scary. Um, you know, there's nothing to cut. Ma'am, There's no precedent. And have him tow with you. Your judgment annual Um, school's compared to some that sample from somewhere else that puts people in a slightly less secure space when it comes to head of development. And confidence. Everybody on every moment every day, I got that kind of conferences of attention in the system not only to To drive off those to the best execution on the most ambitious education is also support Anybody having one of those moments. You know what? I'm not sure. What's your line of questioning is gonna work out. Man. There's a lot of human source in the project. Um not a lot of ambition as well. So I'm sure that in question, but yes, certainly very little point in the future. Get out. The next level, but I'm sure the competitive spirit of all the take it A gentleman. Thank you for this very enlightening conversation. Paul, It seems to me that you've done exceptional job here. You end your team. I know it's not a one man. One man job. How many people on your team? Very simple if you understand the point of projects Just doing a runner. They're just a small slice of a much greater people contributed to making these vehicles..

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