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Um the pilgrims actually being subsidised by venture capital of the day the hudson's bay company into canada of the indian venture for britain was it started the venture stirred as corporate the future was explored by companies by by capitalists of a sort in area is fa now imperialist yeah and then i went with larry math is a come all about these come with an actually cut in interest on point because imperialism at and it did create horror fix a disruptions we still suffer from in the middle east and africa and elsewhere was also a civilising force so yeah i mean it's not completely it's not it's not a black and white hereby did not know this did you notice john that on the dashboard of the roadster is a matchbox roadster with a tiny starman in it oh no all head in the matchbox roaster on the dashboard is another even tight noam disturbing either his own player and what he always a road there is all the way down would be very good grigory cod there's also some kind of new mechanism to to store only older as knowledge and a new format was put on the roads jer oh interesting jyle i wonder what else is worthy put linking pedia audit you know put a little less drive with wikipedia on it that would be easy not it would that that aliens or anybody were getting it would be able to read it but at least you know kind of fund the say you did it there is at the equivalent of the big gold disc it was unfortunate jer no but there was a little desk what the hell was oh hell i saw this story on he was some kind of a new format for better what didn't didn't store much.

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