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There isn't. There's not really a new Roger. Ebert is there. I was thinking about like isn't it? Isn't it a good feeling when you sometimes I'll go watch a movie like I will watch for the first time an older movie and then after it's done and I'm thinking about it I will realize? Ooh There's probably a evert review of this movie of it. Yeah exactly and I can. I can go get the correct opinion about this film. Like forget what I think like. What's the right thing to think about it man? There isn't really. There's not really. A new criticism is not in the in the does not occupy the same place in our culture. I guess you know he had. He had a handful of famous. Takes the did not age. Well they were. Kinda lame at the time and did not age. Well but are we GONNA cancel. Roger Ebert canceled. No but like you know. This is taken video games was a little bit silly even by my standards but pretty. I mean he was such he had such an against an is such an ear for recognizing something that needed to be written about. And that's that's such a gift that we don't even realize how few people have that really well just is of course the all the way down to like his stuff like fruit card and all the cliches and movies and like I think. I think you're right. Max I don't know who I don't know who Ebert is now. Criticism is another thing. That's sort of suffered in journalism. Used to have like. Oh like yours all kinds of people reviewing stuff and now I'm like I don't where where's the there's so much content but where's all the criticism but maybe there's sound yes? Absolutely people are looking. I think people often just looking for an advocate. They're looking for somebody. Like I mean not not to be Brodry Everett here but like if mostly what's out? There are the blockbusters that can get created the tent pole ten movies a year for a studio or whatever I mean. What are you really? I think vendors endgame was okay like it was. It was a good movie. It's fun movie. It's cool but like I don't know what what do you have to say about that? It's not ultimately about either the medium medium or on how fans act about like. What is there to say? He looked good. That guy from no country it was really good as the purple man. What he what do you say about it versus you? Look at a show like a podcast called the watch the or even like the the just instills podcast with Tim. Goodman which recently ended he good time TV talk machine but in about the medium or the way that like the show upgrade has become increasingly about you know streaming media. That's a more interesting conversation in some ways than how the purple man did in the movie. I think that's why a lot of critics are struggling because people react. They don't just react to media differently. They're consuming it in completely different ways so the reaction is different based on like I mean. I don't know if people are watching tiger king for the first time this moment are freaking out as much as we all did like how much of that is. Like guys thing is are. We just excited to watch something together again. Like because game of thrones was a year ago so now we don't watch anything at the same time and there's really I'm kind of going back through births old stuff because I'm such a nerd. But like he wrote an amazing thing about babe pig in the city to babe pig in the city. See even butch butchered has had lime. Wow butchered semantic. Oh and I mean. We were all in the movie theater watching Bay big big in the city. And it's I mean I'm sure Emily Nussbaum is I think. She talked about this in her new book. Like at the end of it. But it's like we are at a time where we don't even know what media is we should critique lake. Are we going to talk about you? Alexandra the story you wrote about trump or the fact that trump featured it or the White House featured in a press release as news like the onions are just. There's just too much and then your eyes start to water and you girl up into will little ball and hide under your desk the lyrics that I want set that to music I I found the amazing Ebert quote. I liked babe for all the usual reasons but I like babe pig in the city more and not for any of any of the usual reasons because here is a movie. Utter utterly bereft of usual reasons and like this is so beautiful. There was George Miller. Right you're Llosa neck period. Two fast two furious adrift his logger. I it's the they've just gotten they just got up to the podcast of a lot. Check has been doing Miller movies. And it's been just just terrific and you look at what that guy did. And just the the boldness of him like this movie. Basically I made a comic book of what the movie is Doesn't really have a script. Something's GonNa Happen. Act Like you're looking at flames over here. Also these guys were pulls spicy cars. Oh and by the way toe cutter from the I max movie. He's back but now but now he's a man with some kind of problem and bottlecaps showing up for that or be like Zoe Kravitz. Okay firefighter so much that saw it and then I just turn back around and went into the theater and saw it again like I really loved it. I had the same experience. Might my we were visiting with my wife's family so they were watching our daughter who is really young. At the time we had a date night I was like.

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