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Minute foods at home might do that night. Tell other people do that. And there's a whole variety of them so it's not just You know it's not just pickles in sauerkraut minutes. Fermented dairy products from Foods and so forth. I think it is useful to eat. A variety of prebiotics moods foods that nourish the healthy organisms in the microbiome and to really reduce consumption of refining process than manufactured. So that's the basic advice. You so i want to just add that amazing list that get your mother to have you by vaginal c-section this advice. We should give to all our patient in an era where some c sections are elective. And where some might be avoided with different planning and different conversations. C-section can be life saving. So of course. We don't want to eliminate all c-section but sometimes it can be avoided. Have your mother breastfeed you. Because that's going to nourish the developing microbiome and then avoid artificial sweeteners. Avoid diet sodas and other things that are sweetened with artificial sweeteners because there are human studies to show that that can alter the microbiome in some dangerous ways. John would you add. Yup we coined the phrase psycho biotic and incorporated as a way of and to have a psychopathic lifestyle. That's exactly what we feel is really relevant. Sleep in the microbiome very closely intertwined. We're very. we're very excited about circadian rhythms and mike obama we've ongoing projects You get sleep disturbed. It will affect a so. You know when i was traveling all the time. I wasn't good for my microbiome and it was obvious. The other thing is it's known also having a pet especially dog dog is really good for your and and it's really great studies now on pet ownership in early airlines and allergy anathema. John help out kissing your dog or can't avoid that some one lights but but everything else is is what captured there and the early life. A priming is really important but but as adults we can still do a lot. We've just completed a short study here in court where we get people to change their diet for one month and these were stressed into the people were relatively diets. And we upped the fiber double their fiber intake and really opted fermented foods and giving mediterranean-style based diet too and their stress level. These were students coming through exams. Stress levels were much great greatly reduced. They had left signs of of depression. And so we think tire getting the microbiome is going to be billion park way of wellbeing. But what we don't know is what works for. You may not for the next person so you need to to try. I would encourage people also to to be somewhat skeptical of anything you see out there. That's that's being sold from a commercial point of view without having because there's a lot of There's a lot of snake oil out..

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