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Twenty four hour news center and new at two weather Marta for Gwinnett county up for discussion today, the vote on the one cent sales tax increase upcoming on Tuesday the nineteenth and if approved by Gwinnett county voters Marta will implement its transit plan. Jeff Parker general manager. And CEO of Marta, telling the Atlanta Press Club nations work outside of the county and thirty percent of the people who work in the county live outside of the county. So this will provide great connectivity to job. If approved the one cent sales tax increase expected to generate five billion dollars over the next forty years at the commerce club. In Atlanta, Robin will end ski WSB sixty four degrees on Peachtree street at two a one WSB meteorologist Kirk Mellish says good chance of an afternoon shower, Atlanta's most accurate and dependable forecast is coming up. So now that the AT and T Warner media merger is official could Ted Turner's name all but disappear from the Atlanta landscape who'd have thought, so what is Turner's legacy? The entire dissertation. But I'll try to give short answer case you history. Professor doctor. Kathleen Lewis says it includes many things like creating the twenty four hour news cycle. But without the name around will new Atlantans know, what he did to put the city on the global landscape. New generations might not be quite as aware of what Turner did because they simply won't see his name throughout the city in the same way. Dr Lewis says his name won't completely disappear from the area, especially with his popular restaurants around Michelle Wright, WSB President Trump's new budget doesn't do much to stem, the tide of uncle SAM's, red ink. I'm Jamie Dupree in Washington, the new budget from the president doesn't come close to a surplus as the White House predicts four straight years of deficits over one trillion dollars that happened in the first four years of the Obama administration as well. The best guests on his surplus for the Trump budget is around twenty thirty five also from the White House. President Trump taking to Twitter today to try and control recalcitrant Republicans. Trump made a sales pitch on Twitter. Two Republican senators saying the vote this week on a resolution to overturn his national emergency declaration is quote, a very easy vote. The president says it's about border security and the wall, not constitutionality and precedent. For Republican senators have already declared publicly the vote in favor of the resolution to overturn the declaration a stunning rebuke of the president's top policy priority. White House officials tell ABC they're worried there could be more Republican defections. Karen.

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