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Um the tv he's never been that guy that blows your hair back you know he's tough as great wrestling the striking tzadok his last fight was in september against tyson pedro which is a big winners a decision form each grappled them for i got knocked out smooth by badir he's never had like a huge win in the ufc though it you know he's a that the upper upper level he just he never can pull the trigger doesn't seem to put it together very well um god the easy call here i what's the do have the odds yeah see cno yes so he's plus one hundred i will say this i think oh s p wins vat kale because he's explosives in a nie an oath elbow or something in the awkward position pride in the second round but if i'm trying to make some money embedding i would bet a latifi core feeling makes a money that's the dog pick uh and then uh just gone draws teacher torahs men aren't remember on last fight she looked like a straight up human reckon ball machine against cloudy a dayjur who's my first team all dine peace clogged asia and she just rack that girl which no one does for that schloss decision the johanna which stopped to watch yet piece stop um but still she's made some improvements ossetia tours i think is to technically better all around her striking her overall mix martial arts game she's one three in a row beck rawnsley more than just beat waterson and then she lost to the champ rose nominee anez but um i just.

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