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This is what. And, people don't know that Novak Djokovic who doesn't believe in vaccines, which okay fine, but then he has to have a party with nobody wearing masks, the stupidity and the ignorance. It wears you down when it's constant, nonstop, everyday and even. Cheaper who you cannot create if you are a fiction writer Amore Benign figure right a guy who just wants to help people. Be Healthy. That's why he's here. He's been doing it since the Reagan administration. There's a target on him. People can't stand them. They don't want a lot of people in this country. They don't want to hear. Anything has to say in the always. Do is trying to help us. Well I'm sort of in that category now. He he he lost. It will here's to listen I. Think he is like he's very benign I think he has nothing but good intentions. I don't think I think he wants to do the right thing and my issue with him is I, think he should. He. His problem is that trump cut him off so now. We don't see FAUCI at briefings. And my issue with my only issue without you really is I think he should stop the interviews or get the flip flopping, and it might even be flip-flopping because listen like people got on him because in March, he said you don't need masks, but wear gloves because it can come from services now I believe that was his honest assessment. And in then researching more about corona, things change, they learn different things. And then it became about the mass that is a legitimate I have no issue with this my issue with vouchers, you know he does an interview with one sports outlet, and it's football. No problem then it's football can't happen, baseball should. My issue. Specifically about the sports things he's. He's been all over the map with it. And if it's that's why I want to hear Fao g about Corona and what we need to do about the coronavirus, his opinions on the sports stuff. I would less interviews with might be better for the. There has been some mixed messaging. Look, there's been mis mixed messaging from the administration all over the map and that's a big problem right. I mean there's no leadership. There's an assault. There's no leadership right and and I hear you on Fao, CI. He has contradicted himself, but it certainly seems lately. He's been more consistent just with his cynicism and with his. His warnings about whether we will have football or not whether Major. League. Baseball complain October It's been more of a drumbeat of doom when it comes to sports from at least from what I've heard in the last couple of weeks Jimmy and a lot of people in this country don't WanNa. Hear that so sports fans have shortly turned on him or many of them across the country and again my view of him as you say, it's got. The best intentions has been a perfect communicator. No, but as he's learned information to you know he certainly the voice of cynicism from the administration when there's very few of those. You, know absolutely and I again. I think part of the problem. Is that because? I think the guy should be on TV every day even if it's just for ten minutes given us a corona. And then maybe that would sort of take them off some of the interviews with them. We get some contradictions you know I. I think he's great from this like. When it comes to the virus what we need to do. It. How know didn't he say? Then he was saying at one point. He said he's not sure that would be a second way. It's the speculation I. Guess I have way he's came out once and said we may never shake hands again. That's the stuff I would maybe pull back on and stick to just the facts of the virus but I. Don't think it's a militias thing on his part. I think a lot of it has to. To do with the fact that he can't go out there and say what he wants to say, and then he ends up doing these interviews and he's doing so many these sports interviews. He's on every single platform. It seems like it might be just like a lesson more situation. Yeah, I agree and and I do think the mixed messaging has certainly rubbed a lot of people the wrong way and he. He doesn't say no to an interview. He's everywhere and he and he and he does. You're right Jim he? He will speculate if he's asked. What do you think there's should be Major League Baseball in October? He Says No, he you know. There's really no filters times with them right and and so yeah, it's frustrating for sports fans to hear those kinds of projections, but all I mean to say as you. You know his job is to get us through this and we sometimes forget that because certain things, he says we just don't want to hear in the moment and again not his full, but if he does an interview and says he doesn't Think Baseball Gets Rock Tober the sport fan, and in their head, says okay well, then what about the NFL, because the NFL's being played now there's no baseball. There's no. It just leads to more sort of anarchy. I think when he when he does that stuff, but again I don't think it's I think he's extremely well intentioned. I think it's just sort of a media PR issue. That would be nice if they can get it straightened out, but of course he can't, because his bosses a lunatic. Man. It's just the way it goes. This episode of the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast is sponsored by sleep number. A healthy lifestyle should be easy, right? Eat Your veggies. Drink..

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