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But if he does a or you know everybody's watching hoping that he does comeback as they he's one of those guys those iconic guys at everybody wants like was your dream worry mysterious you'll hear a lot of guys say that so every but etter and i guarantee you that every one of those guys in those young kids that were in there were waiting for their chance to bump form you tell me adam cole was like yep eliminate me please are right over here if you wanna yum yell nature so seem very i went off on a tangent tougher miller fired up i love me spray man lemon spray we'll you're lucky pulse makati did see with the front row brother he would ruled you of held you there for the rest of the show what you would assad method for their you would've been able thumbs they'll anyway ramelow it it was good to see almost in there and have a good showing after having that spent regular match the night before the there was a lot of good surprises with it but here's here's my main take away from it it truly felt like every person who came out was an established character right everybody has a role on the show again and i don't know when the last time that was you know what i mean like i can honestly say everyone that came out has something going they're not just even even let soandso ills was not overlook this either with he slater coming out and getting knocked down it was awesome at on his ring entrance and then everybody taking a shot at him at a him when he came down if they had like just play that even almost to like maybe right before the final four and he came in like finally got in a maybe he it looked like he he'd have a chance of winning this think if people this kind of kept forgetting him on the ground yeah that would have been huge huge moment to and rate cool it linked weird i think they could drag that out a little bit little bit longer and if they go been awesome that being said it was a great moment asia and i love where shamis is as a character now that he can get away with that yeah sure um and on aside tangent i was.

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