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The station you're listening to right now and those are the programs the Frehley botanical health expert is with us he just flew in from the island of Hawaii and for our mainland listeners are west coast listeners we do broadcast from Honolulu Hawaii here at the cage in our studios but to it we are on other stations as well and we'd like to welcome him again to the doctor of radio microphones this morning Steve how the health are you I am wonderful excellent blinking old little cold but it's it's nice he had called for us right the people on the mailer saying you guys are so small boy that would be fun all right it it's the front page of the newspaper gets below sixty degrees here in Hawaii yeah but anyway as I mentioned earlier in the show long before there was Bayer aspirin Tylenol Advil and all the other brands of that you see in drug stores and pharmacies and this was all in prescription pain relievers there was nature and that's what you're about is using nature to relieve her pain as well as addressing other our conditions of the body disease conditions so we'll talk about other things that the telecom medicine can address other than pain but let dis sense over fifty percent of adults suffer from chronic pain and we the first are we had doctor Trevor Campbell a medical physician talking about that he has a new book called the language of pain for people interested in that but let let's talk about how we can address pain you know like for instance when I went mention aspirin white willow bark that's were aspen was first inventor discovered and first there was the first to synthesize the salicylic acid which is why everybody thinks of there is a brand of aspirin but but it's been used for centuries to relieve pain of our ancient ancestors I used a barks and leaves and fruits and everything and I know that you have extensive experience decades of experience with Morinda citrifolia otherwise known as Indian mulberry or locally as noni and and I locally and you have done a lot of research and there's been a lot of research done other than what what you I haven't covered every right you know there's independent research as well around the world on ninety so if you could just bring us up to speed maybe give us some new new research studies that have been done on on that one of the most popular of common remedies and here in the islands for pain and suffering of course is popular ginger of those are anti inflammatory as well tells about noni noni yes I said we've been doing this for thirty something years we do and you have thirty something acres of nowhere set now yeah that's right you have in your body are neighbors yeah there are seventy sort of her again our family farm seventy acres Madonna for thirty something years we do free fighters who is over there it's educational but when I first moved there I do not know it no he was in those thousands of trees are valley the technical five years understand traditional use in the first proper I go back to is you are what you eat so what you eat is affecting a lot of time just information after of traditional use if you go back to aborigines forty thousand years ago eight noni raw they did not drink a lot people fluid noni juice but it's they ate the fruit raw scientifically when you go from an apple to apple juice and throw the pulp way you lose fifty percent of fight with an apple the campus in a solid form medical research Johns Hopkins Medical Center twenty five years ago a hundred and sixty five beneficial compounds in the pope of noni so when you eat it as raw food your duty not only addressing pain because they are talk was extremely high anti inflammatory but there's a lot of there's been a few compounds are affecting your overall health and wellness we get that was causing the information about ten years ago five years ago the universe the only call they had to at the buttons research scientists may flume they want to visit our farm they flew men we spent all day with them and it was a lot of fun they were the gonna gonna be doing World Health Organization research on spinal inflammation and women in third world countries in the tropics things they can grow that our plant based in use for pain relief as plant pathologist they researched a thousand plants noni pulp came up number one for pain sorry five percent effective is more feet on pub med which is where they have blinded research studies out a Homburg Germany hike in two thousand ten at a medical clinic giving the pope of ninety to people with arthritic pain as effective as trauma Donna I had a cortisone Sony five percent effective as morphine with no negative side effects so they are realized the post season the pulp and you see a lot of noni products on the market that are been juice and fermented so what wasn't that the Chinese that bottled then fermented ninety two was a lot of century ago yeah well no they act tribute the Polish is alliance never drank noted have glass jars a hundred yeah right the F. about as you pursue white tribute to win the Chinese introduce glassware to Hawaii a hundred years ago people started using the god given natural ability of the fruit to ferment which creates alcohol that putting last chart right they did it once they also whole what they're doing is suppose is preservative now it has been a ton of research that shows when you do that you crave alcohol that kills all the beneficial enzymes changes the chemical structure it actually creates from outside he destroys what's in the poll fermentation Mikey be good for soybeans SR cry in the case of noni is the god given ability for destroy itself okay so we develop a process along time ago it took us five years trying to figure out how to stop it from fermenting if anybody here who I grows ninety you put refrigerator it will ferment we froze it it permits we packed in dry your eyes deferments while I mean yeah we finally found it to slowly evaporated liquid to dehydration but if people are familiar with fruit roll.

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