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Welcome back to the sports quarter sports guides for saturday mornings i'm not sure what's going on here at the break i have no clue the wait a second a yeah i don't wanna know you're right i don't want to do now machines at a future students yell at twice a say wondering here the ta have a little kids that you the back us twenty seven degrees right now outside we do have sunshine though such sunny clouds today clouds a comeback tonight and then there's chance of snow tomorrow in the area of around an inch she is expected to starting in the morning and lasting through the evening hours uh there could be some roads it get slippery some more amounts of snow if you go further south of southern ended account even solid in part of the coq land deary of might see upwards to about two two to four inches so beware that could be some travel problems tomorrow that we're going to have to deal with so uh and that the cold weather settles in guys uh through the rest of the week which have occurred mainly in the 20s and even less than gnat during daytime high said a teens made me when i went down near zero a couple of the morning's here i don't think we're for this our way listen all i know is that were in almost 2018 it's been a wonderful season so far i'll take it i'll take it a real quickly renew about this the pro football fame's coming out with a documentary called 85 the greatest team in pro football history it's about the 85 bears greatest his twenty hundred premier january third and it will be in theaters by the end of january so the football fame saying 85 bears the greatest team of all time this will be something releasing something a debate about but some of their time but i'm sorry scott to be something in theaters yeah well i actively working day in terms of.

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