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The founder of the Haqqani network a bloody and very brutal terrorist organization they've been responsible for bombings in the Serena hotel in the Indian embassy they killed thousands of Afghans this is all part of what America wants as a peace deal with the Taliban they've been trying to do this for a long time they think this exchange will help in those prisoners released today professors who work at the UN American University of Afghanistan a possible breakthrough this week in those vaping related death cases across the country ABC's geo Benitez is over in upstate New York and that's where scientists have discovered a dangerous additives found in some marijuana vaping products could be the cause of this deadly outbreak around the country the Wadsworth center in Albany New York making a stunning public health discovery scientists owing us they're safe containing samples for more than fifty patients here they isolate the liquid spin it put it into a file then loaded into a specialized machine to extract the oil it represents a potentially dangerous additive in some marijuana vaping products vitamin E. acetate and we should tell you when it came to legal medical marijuana the lab did not find any vitamin a acetate they found it overwhelmingly in black market products that they tested and CDC says at least forty people around the country have died so far of these vaping related illnesses what eleven twenty Boston area residents being worn down to keep an eye out for a well dressed con artist victims say a man wearing a suit claims to have lost his wallet and says he needs some cash to fix a flat tire it's a story that's been told over and over again a business man walks.

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