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That was I remember the first time I felt that sort of. Felt like a felt like I could do it. I've I've never really been able to do anything before that. Felt like I was better at it than other people will because at school. You aren't particularly academic or now, I found it very hard to concentrate, really. I was deathly the one sleuth gazing out the window or sing song. Him ahead. Yeah. Conic? Yup. And then suddenly I could really concentrate on this. And I would do my homework out being ost. I'd learn my lines without anyone checking revelation is lovely feeling to feel like I wanted to do something. Did you have that? I suppose I did. But I I grew up with his notion of it. And I still to this day. I haven't quite figured that from when I was always wanted to do, and I get there's I didn't know anyone ever. Now, just these same things you that thing of going the people in the tally. I like that that looks fun. I'm going to find names, and it was probably quite similar the weren't people around me. It'd be nice, but I just kind of I- I- locked onto very very young. And the idea did sorta grew up with me. And did you wonder because your folks didn't do? No. Although my dad talks a bit talked about he went into ministry, which has a theater to having to rely on you, and he did talk about younger age harboring a bit of impossible dream intact to never went anywhere because the just wasn't an opportunity to do that glasco and Bishop Briggs. So I was maybe it was quite similar, but but you didn't go straight drama school. No, I'm why was that? Then I think that was. Mixture still wasn't brave enough. I think to say I actually want to throw my life into it. Right. We usually persuaded to to teaching you started. Yeah. Lastly can imagine I'd be the worst teacher was subject was it. Drama. Okay. It was a little kid. So it would. Okay, right. Primary teaching we have primary where was that Homerton right teacher training in Cambridge in Cambridge Cambridge University in the town of Cambridge. Yes. But that's what you met some of the people. You would go into worth is that right? Yeah. So you given a Cambridge University student union card. Okay. You don't say sort of confessed that around right right right into the people and. And I was at the union society doing something. And there was a sign saying additions that way. No intellect that still thinking like I cannot. Yeah. Here. No, one has to know and lovely, and it was a foot lights will dish. And I didn't I what foot back swells. Right. And there was some slut sort of unamused typefaces behind a desk. Pretentious students want a no cut. Well now. And I had to sell something to them that wasn't food. But making food on of fuck what you can do sort of improvised audition mean hell on earth. Did you ever done that before? Now, did you even know what they meant when they said that. No, I just sort of a new infringement. I've got to make this out. Right. Right. Okay. So there were massive sort of buckets of Fagan's around the place not picked out a groupie fag. End ball is trying to braver straightaway is trying to sell this. And there's nothing to an it's delicious and good for you eight. You're never did that they did that face it. You're. The news not go in was as well. Clearly she's game. And that's revolting. It's fucking grand. It was. Yeah. But and you started working in comedy pretty much fill time. Right. And did you feel about that? Was that finest exactly I was thrilled? Yeah. What what's not to love? Yeah. Working people. I liked and I always dreamt of being able to do all sorts of things. Yes. But you'll take the work of of course, minnow deduct ended that sort of define who used thought you were becoming us Dr aspiring to be Victoria with or you always aspiring to Judi Dench. I think Judy was always. Yeah. The lover fi live. Yes, she she this funny as well. Of course, does reams of and you'll hilarious this so many people do both sure comedy do the other one. And I didn't know why people still think it can only be on the comedy list and not the other list, and yet they often do, of course, they will change swap and change..

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