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So there's pressure on you everyday every single practice throughout the year. Feels like the Super Bowl. I couldn't believe being in the meetings watching him rip Tom Brady watching him rip Julian adamant and it felt like it was week fifteen this season. But it was the third, but they put that pressure on constantly. So that in the chiefs game situations in these big games and Super Bowls those guys liver because they're used to that pressure. Doesn't change what they've already done show. We're gonna rip you after exactly tape and everything you did wrong. Yes. Speaking of ripping I kinda wanna rip on you for this. I heard that you snuck into a Super Bowl party. Once I do that every year, but we are that you actually got in front of a celebrity somebody actually that loves every team in the league. Even though I feel like he changes it every week, but you hydrate for did hang out with dreg before Drake with the Drake. We know today. Jake before. Drake, drake. For you saw four teams in the championship. And then they went when they it was unbelievable combusted. I know who to make the winter. So this is like in two thousand and ten or eleven anyway, we're at Super Bowl. There's a party going on the line is like a mile long celebrities in line. Like, remember like Keri hilson was in line ten people that are way more important than me. So I went to the back paid a janitor. One hundred bucks, let me back door. He just walks in. And I like go up stairs to like, we're no one's that will be like, okay, I'm going to lay low for a little bit. So nobody kicked me out. So I mean this area. Nobody's there. I'm there for like twenty minutes, all of a sudden people just are falling in and they start claiming these tables, I'm at a table, and they get all these tables around me, and it's like Drake the rapper slim of tank Keri hilson, lo Wang comes in there who we literally by myself and Drake eventually they're like who is this guy before I'm leaving. They just grabbed me and threw me out. Yeah. But it was fun though. It's funny on the on the walk over here. Getting cut a line to the show on time. And meet is like, I've never a line. Like never asked line like TSA, you've never met leading the rules and be like, hey, would you mind? No. Can you imagine me trying to sneak into a party? I'd be like on the back wall. Trying Trying to. to think you not mission impossible just if you act like you, belong smart Davos earlier reminds you of how that one point. That's actually super smart though, to go with the janitor feel that way to get information to janitors hundred dollars. They know everytime. Super Bowl matchup coming on. What yet pick wise? Pick the pay. If you've heard but correctly predicted the Super Bowl way back in September. No big deal. I'm just a genius. So So these. these. They Email us is like, okay experts. Who who do you got here in terms of going to the Super Bowl and hock was one of just six people, which by the way, six people. Right. Remember who you I had the saints over the pets? Oh, you're rate. There should have been counting. You were accounting. Didn't fill me in September crazy guys because nobody believes in the pats. And everyone thought thought they've sucked all year. But it's such a great thing. People pick. Twitter. That are hopefully watching the patriot nation just coming at me for the last week. 'cause they think that she basically said that they he they weren't gonna be there yet she picked out. I just pointed out there they've they're not underdogs. Okay. Like don't play the dog card. That's because they they were favored in every single game. Okay. Until they see championship in which they went on the road. And there were three point dogs, which is basically not you know on the road. So like come on..

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