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Mark rosenberg the president of the university said i've not spoken directly to munira construction but i'm satisfied that the testing that was occurring was consistent with best practices i'm not an engineer so i'm not privy to those details i know the test occurred today and i know i believe that they did not prove to lead anyone to the conclusion that we would have this kind of result of course not why would they put it up if they thought this was going to happen don sherbert writing about this as a project took five years from the time the federal government approved the grant in two thousand thirteen until this span was installed on saturday an outstanding example of the abc method now in two thousand thirteen florida international university was awarded and eleven point four million dollar grant in tiger mummy for its university city prosperity project which included this bridge some fifty two projects were awarded four hundred and fifty eight million dollars in that round of tiger grants this was known as tiger five using methodology later criticized by the government accountability office for violating the standards of the department of transportation so what do we have here we have a bridge that went up we have a bridge that came down we have tiger obama administration funding we've got new engineering techniques that survived a bunch of testing but didn't survive reality it's all done to supposedly speed up the building an implementation of these projects yet this bridge a pedestrian bridge over five years the empire state building was built in five years the golden gate bridge was built in fact this a pedestrian bridge and they're proud that they built it in five years and it still didn't stand obama had to prove his infrastructure program was working don't you know that we have claims that with this kind of action that we can't afford to have any money spent on the wall why this is this is clearly obvious to so many people it just can't escape these people politicizing virtually everything it doesn't matter who dies how many people die everything has to have a political component and if these people have their way republicans or conservatism are gonna get blamed for all our part of every one of these incidents justice america's anchorman rush i network rush limbaugh newsradio one hundred two point nine this is the stifle stock market report steve steeple wealth management and investment banking time.

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