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April nineteen seventy five Los Angeles, California. John Dykstra isn't going to be late for this meeting the twenty seven year old special effects assistant drives onto the studio lot and full up to bungalow four twenty six it's shabby, single-story, and small pre-production offices always looked like this. They don't always sound like this, though. He pushes the door inside. It's dark. The directors back is to his hands on his hips as he gazes forward. Totally immersed in the action. And this is serious action World War. Two documentary footage projected on a floor to ceiling screen p fifty ones and master Schmitz in a dogfight the plane swoop shoot explode without turning the director comments when he speaks his voice is light slightly nasal. But there's also something friendly reassuring like Kermit the frog. It's all going to have to look like this only, you know, faster more intense Han safes. Luke, Luke drops a bomb on the death star at blows up. Good guys get medals credits. The director turns around he's short and skinny thirty years old with a jet black beard. He's in his uniform blue. Plaid shirt jeans and thick glasses. He's not surprised at all to see this new visitor and greet. Some warmly. Hi, George Lucas. John Dykstra, good to meet you. To the side on a worn leather couch, sits the producer. He looks reserved thoughtful whereas an Abe Lincoln beer he rises switches on a light. Then introduces himself Gary Kurtz introductions out of the way to men, take seats. This is a job interview after all Dykstra is six four gregarious with a thick beard. Genius level intellect and a lot of confidence. He's waited years for this opportunity since nineteen sixty eight when he and his boss, the legendary affects artist Douglas, Trumbull did the effects for two thousand one space odyssey. Lucas gets right to the point. Doug Trumbull tells me you're the guy says you're ready to run your own department on a picture. What do you know about over planning Dykstra response? Honestly, pretty much nothing. I know it Saifi and you wanna see spaceships do what those ones did. Believably fluidity of motion. The ability to move the camera around, so you can create the illusion of actually photographing spaceships from camera platform in space, the technology to do that doesn't exist. But I think I can build it for you. What's the movie about exactly? Lucas smiles? And with some enthusiasm begins to break down the Jeddah, the empire laser swords talking. Robots mile long star ships hyperspace, a galaxy far far away by the time he finishes dexterous head is spinning Lucas, leans forward. Serious kid, if you take the song, you're going to have to build an effect company from the ground up. You're probably not going to have enough time. You're probably not going to have enough money if you're not up to now's the time to say so. Dykstra, thinks it over for about five seconds. I'll get it done. One thing though, what's it called? There's a glint and Lucas. I the adventures of Luke star killer episode one the Star Wars, but we mostly just call it the Star Wars for sure. None of these men. No it, but as of this moment, they've just taken the first step on a journey that will change the face of cinema forever. American innovations is brought to you by wicks dot com. The prospect of building a website can be overwhelming. It seems like there are thousand citizens to make. I mean, the look and feel of your website is an extension of you and you want to put your best foot forward. I recently faced this very challenge. I needed a website to showcase the kids at uptake of my book how we got to now and thank goodness wicks made it easy to get started for free. I could choose from over five hundred templates that are built to look beautiful and intuitive to use. I'm still working on the site making tweaks here and there to make sure it's exactly how I want it before launch, and with wicks, it's been quick and easy to change. Customize add anything I like I'm excited to get it live soon. So you can see it, and with the built-in SEO tools that come with all wicks websites. I know it will be easy for people to find build a website. Of your own with wicks today for free. And if you go to wicks dot com and use the coupon code AI you'll get ten percent off any premium plan with wicks premium plans. You get more storage, a free Demane for year and much much more. That's wicks dot com code for

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