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Everything, is something to cool them off while they're waiting when you think about it I remember the getting ready to go back to school but what happened you're going. To get new school clothes you're going get your supply she gets. Your book bags and that was related to your sense of self esteem and empowerment and so what, this does for these children they come, preloaded with, the sense, that they matter and that there is good as anybody and that translates into. Teeth and in the classroom so, I just think this is a wonderful events yeah I remember that feeling you, know when we would, go and get the that, clear I loved schools The, new paper and all, of that, and you think about people who that's not their, experience at all Just trying to figure, out how to make it work and with all of the extra expenses that are involved in education today even, if you're in, a public school for children to be able to participate in the activities that, are involved it costs money and this can help, so much to to. Working families who have multiple children especially to be able to have an event lighters the whole education piece. You. Cannot minimize the impact of that and what you just alluded to mayor butts the. Whole self image exactly now feel like you belong and when you were a kid that is. So important and I think it's a great gift that you give to the community, and. Doing this event and there are a lot of also a? Lot, of services. Available there as well aren't they tell us a little bit about some of that Kathy well let's see we're going to have like resources available. For the families as, well as sometimes we have different therapists there that can. Help them and plus surface they're giving them information and we also It appeared that contest and need a consult we give them a fifteen minute fifteen minute free with occupational therapists so, there are a lot of things that we do for this community and the one thing that stiff make our, back to school, giveaway different is that we invite the special needs community because of a simple, reason they seem to get left out and most, of the places that. Give these enormous events yeah I think is a really important thing we got Kathy Sutton executive director of. Surf. With us today along with mayor James t butts junior of the city of Inglewood. They are talking to us about the seventh annual back to school event on Saturday August fourth. Eleven AM to two PM at El Camino college in MARCY auditorium you can get, more. Information by visiting surf dot org that's s. i. e. r.? F., dot org..

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