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So ballet did is as crazy as it is ballets, very helpful. When you are talking about. Clemson, Alabama secondary's very new so. Yeah. Tell to- finebaum to start taking some ballet now. Let's see where. Yeah, I've tried to work with him on that. Because his body movements are not the smoothest enough reason news there, but he ballet training. Yeah. Listen, we could. Including this New Yorker slash Canadian at the moment. Our Laura Rutledge, Laura, you know, I've I almost feel like I need to lake take a break because I have to now read your resume and list of all the things you're doing. So I have to prepare for this. It's so long Laura Rutledge is a reporter and host for ESPN in a number of roles, including college foot. She's airport on college football, basketball, gymnastics, baseball softball. I'm sure I've missed some sports. She's a host of the SEC networks SEC nation. She's now a co host on get up. We learn not getting paid any extra cash for that. What if what a trooper she's a regular on the Paul finebaum show? She's hosted sportscenter. And and I certainly appreciate her time, Laura. The people who work with you always have great things to say about you. And that to me is usually the standard that I use in terms of. You know, just sort of how to think about a person who's in the business so credit to you. And thank you very much for the time. And I wish nothing but success ending forward. Thanks for joining us today on the sports media podcast. Thank you for having me. It was a pleasure are my thanks to Laura Rutledge. And now we had for our conversation with Kevin Clark. Kevin Clark is an NFL writer and podcast for the ringer. He previously covered the NFL for the Wall Street Journal. He also hosts he can correct me if I'm wrong on this. But I'm going to call it a video short slow news day and Kevin Kevin Clark point joy. How would you describe that? Kevin if the video something yet, if something it's on video, and that's that's all I can describe it as a it's a four minute sort of run through the NFL news, and it's slightly talk show. We have a guest twenty things I do during the week. But it it's kind of defies genre. Yeah, it's great. Which is why it's kind of interesting that's actually really like against just sort of Google slow news day. Kevin Clark the ringer. If you want to check it out. It's a. There's a best live short is where I'm going to put it in the Oscar category. But you can you can make your termination. So the reason why I wanted to have you on this podcast is I don't think this is an overstatement about to kiss your bud a little bit. But it is from an honest place. You to me have you've engineered very unique writing style or sort of content generation style when it comes to NFL stories, and I would sort of say, they're a mix of quirky stories analytically bay stories and access stories and a lot of people I read they might be one of those three, but you're three of those three. I remember reading a piece that you did on like game of thrones spoilers and how like players like a big thing like in training camp. Like players did not want other players to give it up. I I really am impressed by just sort of the the stories and and and unique angles that you come up with. For the NFL. So that's my long way of of asking you a very simple question. If that ridiculously long winded answer, how do you do a question, I should say, how do you describe what you do? So first of all, I appreciate you saying that I think there's a lot of people who are really burst out the NFL. VM hugely impressed with you know, people like Jenny Brenta's who do this stuff every single week? And and it's incredible obviously, Peter King. There's a lot of great enough L writers out there and my colleagues of the ringer hall. Incredible. I think that I when I view a story I kind of look at it as and this is gonna sound weird. But you know, I kinda game planet almost like what coach would I just figure out what would be best. So some going into Minnesota. And I know I can get Kirk cousins and Rick Spielman, and and Mike Zimmer then I can plan for more of an access type store..

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