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In st joseph missouri welcome to the show hey dave a yeah definitely not leaving right now i i just wanna do a touch on a couple of things the wholly agree with you when you we are talking about when you're down crashed out music can almost be as a therapy earn up worker experts cathartic yeah yeah absolutely backed the reason i called it housing join the conversation with mike admit that didn't really know too much problem hi yang 28 impact on the other the neil diamond of your biggest fan under the age of thirty but i neil diamond wrote a couple monkey saw and i really really like uh a little bit me a little bit u s data yeah yeah diamond assassin and he'll bannon guy yemeni neil diamond's fantastic and what an iconic voice you know you hear that i talk a little bit earlier about the fact that i think in the '60s or ten of really was interesting is that you have so many different types of bans in music and the voices were also individual whereas if you look at a lot of the stuff that's hit kind of from the 90s on the so many of the voices tihomir interchangeable i i couldn't tell you who singing what if you had somebody cover another bans music a you know they'll have that similar sound to them and you know what i mean you had a few standalone alone that that really sound a different but for the most part it just semi sounded like uh you know the kind of just eight and mirroring other vans that were were hitting which are again that's what these companies are always trying to do is find the next banned the next lightning in a bottle and sometimes i think they just follow the the methodology too closely i absolutely at another a unique voice said st louis native recipes chuck berry is pretty awful guy writes totally agree with you on that thank you for listening and giving us a call i got an email here it's as high dave we are harlem and laws from bellflower california in our lives marilyn manson has been our most inspiring artist favorite musical band in overall greatest influence please mentioned marilyn manson on.

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