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Keep going. Yeah and each place that they go through It becomes a part of them. It helps them get stronger and helps them find themselves in a way I mean I know I complain about this being kind of a heavier either. The at the beginning of the conversation. But I'm glad I read it and I think you mentioned this Off Line to me. But it's Britain in a very beautiful way. The pros really really. It's really lyrical. Yeah starts off the Paul. So you know yeah. It's very Because because it's lyrical because the the pros is so vivid it does give like a fairytale quality to it also like matches Because like she's able to see colors us through sound and through Through words at it's like I think it really works all together with the pros and And like the symbolism of the maps and I don't know it's just really beautifully written Even though a lot of shit happens like you said not the most articulate way of putting it but yeah I'm not the writer here. I'm pretty sure for a lot of people. This is going to be their first time reading about Syria reading about About Syrian refugees. And hopefully it kind of opens their eyes and give them empathy and I think that is the power of books and representation you know trading creating apathy. Yeah it's it's real easy to just generalize them as people who just want to come and take but the star of the whole truth and we do see examples of great kindness throughout this book people who you know. They may have lost so much but they're still willing to give what they have to other refugees and they're still willing to help out strangers. Yeah so yes. They are not just people who are trying to invade our countries. Take our jobs on that note. I guess Any final thoughts on the book itself. I recommend people read the book through Audio Book. I read this book through Audio Book. I think it really helped because One concession 'cause even though. I probably pronounced names incorrectly throughout this episode Like to be able to hear the correct pronunciation that was really nice and also just like Because the pros was so beautiful. Lyrical having a narrator. Read it out loud to you. It definitely helps visualize a lot of things and And I think the narrator did a really good job capturing all of the characters voices And it was. It was very very distinctive Overall I liked the book. I wish that I read it during a time when it wasn't it wasn't I wish I kind of didn't read it during a pandemic but I think because we are in a pandemic it definitely hits harder Gal Yeah I mean the effects of this pandemic to is GONNA BE. Pretty far-reaching you know I mean they're very well could be another refugee crisis in the near future especially in countries where medical capacity isn't up to par. There's GonNa be a lot of like medical refugees. I feel like trying to get into places with medical capacity. I Dunno it's might now goodson uncertainty. It's an uncertain time and we have to hold onto what we can and Yeah Yeah Yeah. I really enjoyed reading this book to and even though it was a heavier read. It's good reminder that you know people I think in we see it in you know our healthcare workers and people trying to set up donations and services for our first responders but people are inherently giving people a harrowing want each other to do well and like. I think it's you know it's it's a natural human state to be communal and to want the best for everyone As opposed to you know sometimes you feel like people are only off for themselves I think reading through the story of Nora and Rawia and seeing that deep down everyone wants the same thing which is to live in stability and to be able to be themselves without worrying about dying or danger from others I think it's an. It's an important message for today's world where we're about to see a lot of people lose that stability and you know reminding ourselves that we're stronger together is an important message to have and with that. I guess that'll do afford discussion of a map of salt and stars with Zane to Dr as always. If you have anything to add to our discussion please let us know on our good. Reese Group We always love to hear what our club members are saying. I'm so pleased. Sound off a so like we said. We would have been nice to read a lighter this month during quarantine. But don't you worry we're going to be reading? A lighter? Lighter vote for the month of April Yup for April twenty twenty. We're reading Mimi. League gets a clue. The first book of a Sassy cat mystery series by Jennifer. Jay Chow. It is a mystery right. It is a murder mystery novel. But it's like There are some like really funny aspects to it like there's a talking cat named marshmallow and it's like they're like a dog groomers pet groomers and the main character is it becomes the main suspect. She has to like prove her innocence. And from what? I've heard it's a pretty fun. Read it it just came out in March so it is a brand new book. I know that a lot of March and April authors who have books coming out. They are unable to promote as usual because of the quarantine. They're unable to go to speaking events and signing so offer this month. I wanted to pick a new book. Yeah and we're reading Jennifer cells book. I'm excited all local bookstores. I'm excited we're always I think we always have a lot of fun with murder mystery. So I'm looking forward to this one But Yeah I hope you all are keeping safe at home or stay home stay safe. Don't get each other sick Curl up with a book. We play a lot of animal crossing. But you know reading. A book is probably a better way. There's never been a better time to catch up on that list including our April Twenty Twenty Book Club Pick. Yeah before we close. I would like to apologize to some of our listeners. If you're hearing noises ambient noises in the background. That's my fault. I don't have soundproof. Walls in my apartment so there's been landscapers that's been going on for like over an hour so I apologize for any Like for the less than perfect audio quality. But thank you for listening. Yeah I guess we'll see you all what's your next week. We actually have co author interview coming up with either. W Gregorio the author of one of our earlier clip picks none of the above all be talking to her about her brand new book. This is my brain in love so stay tuned for that will. We'll bring you got interview in about a week but with that Re-re wishing you another good week in isolation I'll see on Adam crossing. I guess yeah thinks everyone. Thanks for listening to book. 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