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This is what this is. Absolutely what they told me my God. Yeah, I don't know. Okay. But they, it's all about the. Neural engine, the neural engine. Like it's now seven animator chips. So the whole thing smaller transistors into it, which by the way, don't want to gloss over seven. The huge milestone and it's been kind of a big stumbling block for a lot of companies. Lot of people struggling to get seven nanometer. I don't even know who manufacturers apples chips, but that's it's TSMC. Very cool. I think it's TSMC to any seven nanometers chips, smaller bigger, GPU neural engine, the neural engine and the iphone ten and eleven bionic does like five hundred billion operations for second. Okay. The new one. Okay. Like six trillion. It's like one of those five trillion operations per second. But they also said that the neural engine is designed so that he can send tasks to the CPU the GP. So I'm I'm wondering if those are included in the five trillion. My sense of all of this is they think the narrow engine is like the future of their processor chain, right? Like they know Jeep CPG Pugh stuff is important, but where they were, they're going with a lot of their AR stuff with their core stuff with their cameras stuff. Yeah, is they want the neural engine to be far more involved for more often. So you're just giving them more capacity on the chip? Yeah. And if I'm Google, I'm thinking I should be doing the same thing. They've got a little chip that does the photo stuff on the pixel. But if they're going to be like, Qualcomm chips are going to be like the albatrosses hanging around their neck for a while, like let the rest of Android use that, and they should be pushing more and more stuff into the custody to us that they can make like they really need to. And they're going to be behind for a while in terms of these chips. Until they do. So speaking of Google in this camera ladder, a peace rest today. It was like, man, the iphone camera idea, sir. Sounds a lot like the Google pixel camera idea. Yeah. So I said, I think on the verge has last week apple, like really needs to catch up to the pixel two camera once again, they spent their entire event comparing the iphone to DSL ours hip. That's that's where they want you to think this is a DSL, our quality photo. The answer is that they're still not as far still don't have the resolution. They definitely it when it comes to dynamic range and color capture, they're doing cooler stuff, especially as far as she are, they're doing stuff that Nydia seller can do. Yeah. But just in terms of like pure resolution in low light performance in our x one hundred, we'll do better. It's just like plain to see, but they do not compare it against the pixel two, right? They never talk about other smart fans. And I think part of the reason is other smartphones were beating the iphone ten camera. Now they're doing this computational photography thing where they take four frames automatically. Just they're constantly capturing four frames. Yep. They capture along frame short frame along short frame. Then when you hit the shutter button, it decides if there's motion on like there's motion happening, it will pick to either the long frame of the short frame and then certain merging information back into it. That's pretty neat. Yeah. It's very much wiggle doing this. Very, very close. Yeah. Like they're, they're basically like they're in the same. I don't know ballpark in the same pixel bucket. Jason. Jason. 'cause it's four microns speaker Mcgann. So that's the tennis. I don't know what else to tell you about it at length because you get to lace in all the other stuff like the phone, it's the one, right? It's the top of the line, Johnny upset. It's uncompromising. Yes, he did, which surely implies the ten hours compromise. I don't know what else to tell you, but it's the most expensive. It's not the led screen. It's got three touch it, Scott, all the cameras, stuff that can throw at it and now it's time for an ad so that we can tell you about the ten or k..

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