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Yeah you know. So instead of you know Ramos Stereo and Bobby Eaton and I don't know what orange cast, it would even be related to some whatever other characters you know have Marco who's a smaller guy have chuck who's doesn't have the best physique, but it's a great wrestler. Yeah. He reminds me about Bobby Knight of Bobby but and not satisfied. Yeah and then you got orange US completely carved out this whole new character for himself. As soon as I actually pulled my hand into my ass and went. Holy. Shit. This guy's over. Yeah that's what it's all about. Let's do something with this. You know well, it's about making at the end of the day is a business. Yeah. If you see that you can make money with somebody why not especially with your name? that. You can bring credibility to the kid now right? Why not? Right you know what I mean it just makes sense because then you will get darling for working with the kid he gets better because he gets to rub a W. gets better altogether. So this helps everybody sure it does yeah. Why not? Why not look you understand why the old school guys. Hey. Tony. Luna's at us. Or I'll take this opportunity now that Tony is popped into share friendly reminder that the folks from Nitsa want you to stay safe this Labor Day, weekend everyone knows what the risks of driving drunk. You could get in a crash people get hurt or even killed. But let's take a minute to look surprising statistics almost twenty nine people in the United States die every day and alcohol impaired vehicle crashes. That's one person for fifty minutes five zero and even though drunk driving fatalities of fallen by a third and the last three decades drunk driving crashes still claim more than ten thousand lives each year drunk driving can have a big impact on your wallet as well. You can get arrested incur huge legal. You can possibly even lose your job. So what can you do to prevent drunk driving? Do you plan a safe ride home before he started drinking it doesn't need a sober driver or you call a taxi a ridesharing service. So easily do nowadays if someone who knows been drinking also take their keys and arranged for them to get sober ride home we all know the consequences of driving drunk but one thing is for sure you're wrong if you think it's no big deal drive sober or.

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