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I think it's so Yeah i'm gonna. I'm gonna be exhausted when i get in because colby's wedding is in fucking antarctica. it's unlike the furthest point of maine so saturday saturday. Driving three and a half hours up to maine. I also don't have a hotel yet. So there's like a fifty fifty chance. I'm sleeping in my car and then driving back to the wedding is on sunday so doing the wedding at four pm on sunday then driving three and a half hours three and a half hours back to boston sunday night have to record section ten at like one o'clock in the morning and then get on a nine. Am flight on monday morning to be able to get to denver by noon on monday. Which still to me feels late. But because monday is the live. Show mano mondays. The derby day is the is. Yeah yeah so. I'll probably I'll maybe it. May you know what dallas maybe maybe. I'll do a spa day on wednesday. I deserve it will. Spa day and denver irene buddy. You've never you've never had. You've never done the manny petty. No no that's that's where you're wrong. I've gotten not a manny. But i've done a petty with ellie schnitt. I've i've done a one and done pedicure in new york city with ellie like two years ago and trust me. It's an experience that i'd like to have again. It felt it felt liberating so to speak the first time i ever got a manicure was with esteban. The wiser damn. He's not getting those right now. it's too bad though to throw that out there. Yeah so speaking of criminal. These numbers i'm looking at for garrett cole these are. These are a lot of criminal activity as to garyk kohl's numbers on what. What do you mean by criminal like criminal that they're that bad or criminal that you feel like the yankees are getting robbed because criminal that he's now robbing okay. All right seven years to fifty two still remaining after this year all seasons in which he'll be over the age of thirty And we'll get to some more criminal activity as it pertains through the all star snubs kit by. Just throw this out there please. Because i know. I i know where you're arrows are headed. I don't i don't have arrows. i'm more just ideal in facts. Garrett cole is an elite talent. And i truly believe or i wanna believe that he's going to be able to adjust and right now is that learning is is is scramble mode absolutely absolutely guys. I mean guys are getting blisters. Guys are getting hot spots. I haven't heard what's that. I haven't heard that yet. And it's it's coming and to spend. The baseball takes a certain level of skill. You've got to be able to. You gotta have you literally have to have a feel for the ability to do that And i think that's something that he'll get back to. I want to believe he's just too damn good to be this bad without it. He's going to settle in right like we've seen him at his peak with it and it feels like we're going through that very very low period without it and there's gotta be a rebound at some point in time and that's what i think is going to happen eventually. Yeah but right now for those numbers. Because i know i know you got. Do you have any of those numbers in front by do. Yeah i actually. I looked at them this morning. I was just curious. Make my rounds around. Baseball with the stories were was gonna say. Do you have that cut out hanging on the mir when you got it right here So this was garrett cole. There's there's two different dates here. There is the the date that they actually started checking pitchers and then there's the date that they sent the memo out and they sent the memo out if you recall dallas while we were recording. We were doing an episode of starting nine while. I believe it was jeff. Passan's sent out the tweet that major league baseball and form teams that they would be cracking down and that the suspension would be ten games. And they send out this memo. And garrett cole makes a start against the tampa bay rays that day so this is this is the starting point that we're using here so garrett kohl's american league ranks before the sticky substance memo went out. He made eleven starts had a one seven eight era. That was first in the american league. Zero eight three whip. That was second twelve point. Three five strikeouts per nine. That was third and his zero point. Six four home runs per nine innings. Allowed was fifth after the memo went out out of the thirty two qualified. Starting pitchers over the span. He's made six starts. He has a five point two four era which is twenty sixth. He has a one point two to whip which is nineteenth. The strikeouts per nine is down to nine point. Nine six ninth and the Home runs per nine innings. Allowed is two point six two which is thirty first out of thirty two qualified starters again. These are just the facts. He's he's having trouble keeping it in the yard and without even dive. That's that's i wanna say dallas not to cut you off. I believe that's ten home runs allowed in those six starts. Since the memo and i would be very curious as to see on what pitches. Those home runs are if dr klaus paying attention. Maybe he might be just might be able. I gather that info kiss her sri could just not gonna win. I'm not going around on from Because what i would you know what fuck all right. Let me go to baseball savant here. Let me see if i can get to the well. Actually you know what. I'm not gonna waste that time what you want to figure out what i would want to figure out here but i want to look at is Can we look at the vert. Drop on his fastball gear. Kohl's fastball Yeah that's a good point. Because What i'm asking for the folks who are listening with fox talking about vertical drop on the fastball. So the higher. That number is not necessarily the better because that means the fastball is indeed dropping like if you have eighteen inches of drop or whatever not not as good as a fastball that might only have twelve inches of drop and why because that fastball that only has twelve inches of drop. If you're thinking about it it's holding it's plain longer right. It's not dropping as soon or as much as soon really so the longer that things day's top ago head. You're it's fifty fifty. It's a five five of them. Come on a hard and five come on soft. So that's encompassing jeff. Breaking out of those hard. I would wonder location. The fastballs are they like in the upper third of zone instead of lower. Third middle third upper third. Yes probably that would be my next question just and this is again just getting Trying to identify like what the pictures look like because if that vertical drop is greater now and he's not able to keep that fastball. Up top on a string and just dominate guys like he has been able to do that could be an indicator of the impact of not being able to spin the baseball. And what happens. Is those strikeouts up. Top now turned into fastballs. That guys can get to. And i'm not that that's why i'm asking. These questions is because that's typically what happens. Garrett told to have those numbers looking like they do the tin homers in the last six games like. That's.

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