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Okay so they get the part two it is we now know that are clearly the Obama administration was colluding with a foreign government to get this Soros group a free pass but who are they trying to get prosecute well let's go back to this solemn in peace and buried in the peace you're gonna see a name this is why I think Dershowitz may be talking about and we're always like two three weeks if not months ahead of the news cycle yeah I heard it here first well say could be right could be right either way this is still extremely suspicious check this peace out Donna Solomon says the same memo shows Soros organization wanna make you create a top priority starting in twenty fourteen and planned to use an attack as its fleet they had this memo they put out a packet it's as you create behind the scenes advice and support to Ukrainian partner and tax efforts to generate corruption litigation in Europe and the U. S. respecting state assets stolen by seeing you Craney laters the memo states the memo included a chart of Ukrainians the Soros teams are this is a this is that met the memo or talk met the conjunction with the dead the state department the memo who's a chart of Ukrainians the Soros team wanted to have pursued including some with ties to Paul man a fort this is where this gets fascinating senior U. S. law enforcement officials confirmed the Solomon at the early kleptocracy collaborations inside Ukraine led to highly visible US actions against the use of the oligarch Dimitri Firtash major target of the Soros group and metaphors is it for cash is Dimitri for cash the guy Alan Dershowitz is talking about that Soros was whispering in the ear of Barack Obama have prosecuted ladies and gentlemen why would this be a hydrogen bomb level explosion well let's just cut to the chase for cash was a business rival of George service why does that matter what do you mean why does that matter so George Soros a liberal mega donor is buying off the US government potentially whispering in the ear of Obama if for cash is the guy to get his business rivals prosecuted and the fallout was Donald Trump and everyone else were spied on in the process what a way to kill two birds with one stone right while George Soros is liberal you can take out conservative Donald Trump in his campaign and you could also knock off your business rivals at the same time now what other evidence do I have that it may be for cash that their switch is talking about because for me no Soros store rather circuitous route Soros is money in his groups have found their way into both the impeachment hoaxes we just talked about sources clearly operating in Ukraine you've seen that I showed you that the host of the do not prosecute last stay away from man tackle all that stuff that was with the Ukraine thing was all about that's that's what trump was concerned about the corruption Ukraine on the phone call with Ukrainian president the very core of the impeachment oaks what the Democrats don't want you to see trump brought up a terrified them so they tried to impeach him over it they impeach somebody was not removed from office he was fully acquitted exonerate now it's time to turn the table look at what trump was really concerned about hi for cash what is the matter because Soros's as you say to the securities fraud add this way of feminist groups supporting the work of fusion GPS and others the work of fusion GPS paid for by Hillary was to produce the dossier used to spy on trump some of the information which came from Ukraine some of those same lawmakers Ukrainian lawmakers that appeared on the do not prosecute list yes some of the fake information uses fire truck team came from Ukrainians on the same do not prosecute with the corruption trump was concerned about a new career these people passed information to United States in a foreign collisions cable to get the president Spiro and apparently to take out his business partners Solomon's reporting is conclusive that he had his eyes sources groups and on for cash now we know to the open society foundation that sources group has been funding the work of people like Dan Jones a former Democrat staff who worked in the Senate Intel committee with Dianne Feinstein after after fusion G. P. S. had produced their fake dossier used to spy on trump was still working to authenticate the FEI called das hoax dot CA that's been reviewed by everyone who say so what Soros's influence and some of his groups and some of his money through circuitous means found its way to the effort to produce the fake dossier and still to this day try to make the fake dossier appear real even though it's at the bunk discredit hoax who else had an interest in the sky for cash let me go back to this wall St journal piece from two zero zero seven two thousand seven twenty seventeen I've used this piece often how lobbyists help ex Soviets were Washington who is the author of this piece ladies and gentleman Glenn Simpson and his wife Mary Jacoby this was written in two thousand and seven this is the guy you fusion GPS whose company produces the fate dusty to spy on trial with information from Ukrainians Ukrainians who appear on a do not prosecute list that our embassy in Ukraine under the Obama administration's telling you crazy government don't look at them as they're passing information to Simpson whose pumping it into a dossier to get them the spy on trial and apparently in an effort by Soros funded groups to get them to simultaneously attack trumpet attack George Soros is political opponent Dimitri for test what we find buried in this two thousand seven piece by Glenn Simpson shocker folks Simpson had an interest in for cash to was this a journalistic interest I'm just asking who's interested for cash is this year here quote from the Wall Street journal page if you thousand three two thousand five Mister for cash brokered severed several billion dollar deal between Gazprom and the government of Ukraine they made a big profits for high rock and criticism from the US ambassador to the U. credit the time for the deals lack of transparency I don't know Dimitri Firtash he's not my business rival I don't know if he's a good guy bad guy a different I don't care I'm simply asking the question is the real scandal here that the Obama government was for sale the entire time and that there wasn't just they do not prosecute list to protect the people colluding with the Democrats from Ukraine to spy on trial but a simultaneous effort for Soros's money in his influential groups to take down at the same time Soros is business rivals in Ukraine and where they buy an off the Obama government to do it ladies and gentlemen the clues are everywhere the evidence is all over you just have to open your eyes Bonjean.

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