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Hear your take on this hit us up on goal it can win going or twitter feed what you think about the idea of receding the the playoffs a one through sixteen in the nba or call in and out of your take on are on our call in line that's eight six oh 506 five 505 than once again it takes o 506 505 of wanted to say that by the way he does it better once again eight eight 605 six 505 and leave your thoughts on the idea of reseeding for the nba playoffs instead of going one through 8 eastern carvers one through a western carpets one through sixteen in both conferences playing against each other couple of things here one i think about lebrun that supports as argument is that as much as right now it seems like it's dominant in the west he brought up the fact that over his 14year career six times the east as one eight times the west is one rights over fourteen season that israel one one win away bank bring five hundred for each side so that sort of lends itself to maybe not meeting to be reseeded but don't start with the well then you're messing with tradition and history hold on him and what did moses malone wants say when he wanted to win a championship with the sixers has prediction was folk right they had to win twelve games now you have to win sixteen bright so we've messed with that also it used to be in the first round of the nba playoffs many years ago used to be a to a three out of five series instead of all of 4 outta 7 series so we messed with that before so don't let's not pretend like well it's always been this way that's absolutely not the case in any way shape or form so you have we have messed with tradition in this room four in the league is survived and been just fine the bigger issue is are we overreacting to the recent of our by the by the west is that the bigger issue here that that to me is what we do now is we need jerk to all my god a team in the west specifically golden state is going to dominate loaded no it's going to end another couple of years we we seen it before we see the lakers in the talk about.

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