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Comes from jack and caroline raymond proud sponsors of wayward inc. The nonprofit that produces and distributes this program. You're listening to a way with words. The show about language and how we use it. I'm grant barrett burnett a while back. We had a conversation about. What would you put on your tombstone. You know how do you distill your life into an epitaph am i and how am i going to tell the world about myself right and we had a lot of listeners call and right with what they were proposing for their own epitaphs. We heard from julie phipps. Who said i've decided to put on mine. I enjoyed it. May i be excused. And there's a reason she did that. She says i grew up in texas. And i always had to say it before. I left a meal that my mother had prepared for us. She's from a very small town in mississippi and boy manners where everything so whether it was broccoli. Brussels sprouts whatever i always say. I enjoyed it. May i be excused. So i always thought that would be a great epitaph right. Yeah i like that one. And we also heard from seth in new york who said that he was unfortunately faced with the responsibility of coming up for epitaphs for his parents and he said that his dad whether it was at a bar mitzvah or wedding he would always ask the band play this one song and the one song was you are the sunshine of my life by stevie wonder and says says i used to cringe at it and think it was silly and then his parents ended up passing away twelve days apart so he had to come up with two gravestones and on his father's side. The epitaph is you are the sunshine of my life. And i'm his mother's side it says forever you'll be in my heart. Sweet is nice and one more from sam written burg who lives in new york city. He says that his uncle jack took a trip to somewhere in the south west and brought back a snapshot of one of his favourite sets of tombstones probably in the late nineteen forties..

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