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You're? Asking if to remembered a session, that's all. She's like okay. It's a catchy tasting. I record, I don't know if you guys know that you. Know no into play today. Let's play today. MOTHER RECOMMENDS So I this is moving. And it's called gaming to. and. I was not interested in doing. You know music last time I came. And Talk To. Me I don't feel like it rockabilly. Really tell everybody that that's going through our things. You know what I'm saying and like I was like. So not into music and dislike. Awesome entertainment and everything that reminded me like you know this painful time that I had my husband. And so when I did this movie The producer was like y'all. I want you to do the soundtrack online wrong hands. I don't WanNa do it. but my problem is shirt could be out to dinner eight on the way back. From dinner he played me this record. And you know I've always been a songwriter and I've always had hand in everything that I have done like in my career like singing wise. But when I heard the song I, instantly fell in love with music and I. Just felt like it was something that. Should be a part of the culture, and should be a part of my history. The the kind kinda love shelter, manny manny push pushed you and push an soundtrack and that flick that movie for a long time I'm glad you guys got it done. How you at now that I want to go ahead or whether the record at you. Play. We play it this one, but I can't believe. I. Ate. Don't play I. Know You've heard it. You should. Kind. I definitely I definitely heard. Does this mean return to music for, are you? Are you planning more now that you got inspired? Exactly Josh like I'm really on. The Guy Fell in love with music and not. Everything on the. Find you know what I mean like I don't even follow chart on thousand. Before all of this I'm still doing. Number Eight. Because I was told that an email, you know what I'm saying. That goes. You'll be nice. Okay ought follow window. Well I mean. Let's say you know. You're saying Charlemagne. And somebody took your passion or a situation you know. Made the passion of us being writer away from news, and it wasn't just about writing anymore. It was just about. Having feelings right and so did. You not. It doesn't have the same feeling you know what I mean. He hit a little different like. Yeah! This is me and this is my artistry. Still means then, but if it doesn't go number, one still needs something to me. Introduce a record introduced the wreckage. Well, this is crazy. All right well, we appreciate you for joining us today to tame up. Oh. My God I! Hope I did not get. We'll. We'll find out what comes out whatever saying room grabs from an alert. We'll know now. Also authorities say that you might be ready for another little eighty. Ban On. What you're saying. It up, so you're in the Corinthian three nothing to do with eat sleep and have sex and pray won't do it. AM. I. You know I am a why not a girlfriend? I'm that girl? About the no leaf Al Note. Do you hold back certain things? Starting thing that a husband gets a boyfriend doesn't. Respect..

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