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Coming up this week at Kiawah Island. From the central Ohio Honda Dealer. Sports Test Match Record Use Radio 6 10 w TV and more scattered showers. Even a few storms possible today, the highest 68 Claudia. Few showers 55 tonight. More showers tomorrow but warmer with a high of 77 cloudy and 57. Now I'm Scott Jennings Stay connected. The Columbus in central Ohio on the hour, 30 minutes past and his news breaks This whole news radio 6 10 w T v N. What? You're going to hear the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment. This one back program. Hello, America. Well, I found out from NPR. Things are bad in in Israel and the occupied territories of Palestine found out how bad things really are. We go to Israel and the lies from the media. The it feels like Everybody has gone insane in the world. Doesn't it feel like the last four years never happened? I mean and low gas prices. We were self reliant. There was peace in the Middle East Now, I mean, it feels like It feels like Trump.

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