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Derail Congress from completing its constitutionally required duty. Of counting and verifying the vote. Gentlewoman's time is expired. Gentlemen from Massachusetts reserves the gentleman from Oklahoma is recognized. Thank you, Mr Speaker. Mr. Speaker. I yield one minute to my very good friend, Distinguished member of Georgia, Mr Carter. Coming from George recognized for one minute. Thank you. Mr Speaker. Mr. Speaker. I rise today in opposition to this effort to move forward with impeachment hearings. What happened on Wednesday, January 6 was nothing short of pure anarchy, and those individuals who broke the law should be held accountable for their actions. They should be prosecuted to the has extent of the law, and they should be put in jail. This was one of the saddest days of my life. The buddy Carter of Georgia. Our thoughts and our prayers are with the police officers and other law enforcement who carried out their duties on that tragic day, including officer sick, Nick and leave in good. Right now, Our focus should be on healing healing our nation. With so many upset in dismay that the actions of last week it's our responsibility to chart a path forward to subdue the growing animosity and find ways to heal our country. Unfortunately, I don't believe this resolution will achieve those goals, especially seven days ahead of the inauguration. This is very serious and concerning effort during such a tense and fragile time in our country. I urge my colleagues consider how this will further entrench people during such a tense time. I cannot support this gentleman will suspend all members are reminded to wear face coverings while on the floor, all members and staff Should be wearing face coverings while on the floor. Gentlemen deals German from Oklahoma. Reserved gentlemen from Massachusetts is recognizes the speaker, you'll one and one half minutes to the gentleman from Texas, Mr Doggett. Coming from Texas is recognized for one and one half minutes. Four years, Donald Trump has honored thugs worldwide who suppressed democracy for months with a daily diet of lies. He has made clear his refusal to accept any election in which he was not the winner. After failing completely in his repair hearing, representative Lloyd Doggett, a Democrat from Texas, You're also hearing the presiding officer, representative Anthony Brown of Maryland, having a bit of time wrangling members and asking them to adhere to the time limits that have been set out. You can hear that sort of attention in the chamber, rising just a bit, blocked the final election count and prevent the peaceful transition of power essential to democracy. Trump basically attempted to overthrow the government. Violently overthrow the first branch of government this Congress. Like his deadly reaction to the pandemic. He totally bungled the deadly attack. Both his frenzied, riotous mob and his congressional enablers were defeated America We did stop the steel We stop Donald Trump from stealing our democracy and imposing himself. As a tyrant. Today. We not only demand accountability for his gross misconduct, but more importantly, we declare to the next trump like aspiring tyrant, Not in America. We love our democracy too much. Capitalists card, but our democracy survives. Violating his sworn duty to protect and defend our constitution by seeking to violently overthrow the government. Time's expired. Gentlemen from Massachusetts is reserved, teachable jumping in Oklahoma is recognized. Thank you, Mr Speaker. I advise the child additional speakers on the way. But they're having a difficult time. So I will reserve my time, Gentlemen, focal in reserve. Gentlemen from Massachusetts has recognized this is bigger. You one minute to the gentlewoman from Connecticut, Mr Laurel. And that gentlemen gentlewoman from Connecticut is recognized for one minute. Um We know what a lot of members of Congress are experiencing third. The American P problem just getting to the capital because of the way traffic has been locked.

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