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Of things to watch out for and it's mainly work crews and the weather is great for them right now without any snow coming in until later on today so they're trying to get it done one twenty eight north and southbound at that right hand lane close by Endicott street in Danvers also on ninety three north bound there set up between mystic AB in the fells way left and center lanes blocked off there on ninety three north bound the pike westbound that workers set up shop there just to after the Westboro service area and I keep in mind that we're looking at a pretty light volume tax route two eastbound just take the drive time there four ninety five to one twenty eight sixteen minutes rule one you're looking good just a twelve minute ride south I want to he gave to the Tobin bridge in the pike eastbound it take about ten minutes for one twenty eight into Boston Laurie grantee WBZ's traffic on the threes had water in your basement well if you had you know it is likely to happen again a dry basement is so important to a healthy home basement technology standing by ready to help you today at one eight hundred dizzy job keep moisture out in your basement drive for good call them at one eight hundred busy dog today Doubleday right now forty one degrees and sunshine in Boston we see the sun for a good part of the day and clouds for the back half of the day snow coming overnight tonight this is WBZ newsradio ten thirty with the news watch never stop and just enough snow to make us either feel warm and cozy or a little bit annoyed because it's the middle of April but it'll be gone by Sunday as temperatures you right back up.

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