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I'm a Berkshire Hathaway stockholder, and they are a member of the Berkshire Hathaway families. So I get that discount. We'll so what are some of the biggest contracts that you think that like your normal persons? You're listening to the show hem reviewed your finances in couple of months, what are some of these ones that you probably think standout as a checklist to kind of go after cell phone, cable and internet insurance. I think people know they're fixed costs each year. You can negotiate rent negotiate any of these things it doesn't hurt to ask. And you should just give it a shot when the worst that they can say, no, they're not gonna shoot you think about rent most, people don't even consider the fact that they're gonna go she rent, and if you're renting from private individual, and you wanna say, and maybe people do know because this is. The bigger pockets money podcast. Like, they don't turnover is a big pain. And so if someone says, oh, can I get a break on the rent if I sign a two year lease three year lease maybe three years is a little too long. But like, maybe they can knock a little off the red. You can say, oh, I can pay this way or that way. Or sooner faster? You can always they're different levers that if you have a little bit of creativity. You can try to find an it never hurts to ask. Is there anything I could do to make the she related with the insurance agent, which I didn't even think about. Yeah. Love it Switzer next. What's your next tip after that? So what had happened was? I heard all these things about like the lot factor in Brown. Bagging your lunch, and it sounded those are all great ways to save money. But they don't get the fact like it doesn't make your life too much easier. And so the thought that I had and this is what actually did was I call it.

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