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Amy Schade Raj Good morning of the 703 Dave Williams here, let me show dropped at home. She's on ST Station and she will be back. Next week. Well, here we are, on a Wednesday gathered together here on a cold and kind of drizzly, too rainy Wednesday morning, It's gonna get colder and we'll tell you that with the weather forecast coming up straight ahead. Also this morning when I talk to you about your bank account, check your bank account online because of you have direct deposit. And you do that with the government. Yes. What you may already have gotten your $600. Her person in your household. It may already be there. Has to quote my own My favorite, My favorite political pundit. We doggies. Was, uh, Jed Clampett across. Uh, What is Congress doing about raising your relief? Check about increasing it to $2000. Wow. There, you know, doing what Congress does. L still hasn't frozen over and they're kicking it around as they've been kicking it around for the last six months, and they're still kicking around Donald Trump, saying it's his fault for delaying this whole thing because he didn't sign the bill for four days. He delayed it. Four days they've been delaying it for six months. You might be able to get your cove it back seen sooner than you expect. Texas moving into the second group of people who are able to get vaccines that includes people over 65 people with with conditions that would make them more higher risk, and I'll tell you about About all that coming up in Cliff notes right now, 705. Let's take a look at traffic for the Wednesday morning commute. Here's Bill Jackson in Carrollton. I 35 years shut down. North founded Crosby Road due to erect with traffic getting by on the service road. It's stopped and.

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