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A consequence of other conditions that cause kidney damage, basically with the peritoneal dialysis port. Emme had surgically with that. He just worked yourself up to the machine does everything there's a lot you gotta wash your hands and wear masculine. There's a lot of that to make sure you don't try. The infected or anything because that cause problems. But after that, he just let the machine do its work the process itself takes nine hours give or take. That means father Morris is hooked up to a hose for nine hours every night that hose fills his belly up with a solution that filters and cleans the blood basically doing the job of urination and then drains back out. Maybe some people who have never really heard about what dialysis is. Maybe don't know this. But do you still do you still urinate when you're on Dale? Yes. I do. Yes. I do and one of the things they asked me in the kidney disease. I will stop doing that. But I haven't had a problem with that individuals. Some patients continue to your name for years. Just some patients lose that function. Pretty quickly have to look for master when you're out soft in I guess. Angie Thomas the dietitian at presenting us Richmond. She says people on dialysis have even more limitations than people with just diabetes dietary restrictions for somebody on kidney, dialysis just a general in general all of our dialysis patients are following at least some wild fluid restriction because they're not maybe they are still urinating the not urinating as much as someone who's can are working hundred percent. So they can't drink as much there on a sodium restriction salt restriction, which is probably healthy for everybody. Whether you're on dialysis or not. Arp dialysis patients need to eat more protein foods, which is a big crave right now. Everybody's doing Atkins diet and Kito.

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