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I think now this mass clothes thing is going to bring the dive bar back because every there i was listening to the radio this morning people were calling in dive bars packed to the gills. No one had masks you talk to people like went to somerset and like everyone does wearing them You know it's still very much a thing So it's gonna be interesting how this all pans out but it's going to be nice to To to get out no out about see a lot of people. I don't know what they look like like my physical therapist. I have no idea what what both of them look like. There's bartenders at new places. We've went to restaurants that. I have no idea what they look like. I mean this is going to be like like this weird coming out party like hey no one's going to know who you are Gasoline we had breakfast last week. I saw my neighbor. And i'm like yelling. What he did. Pull my mask down the street. And he's like you know like nobody knows who anybody is like. I think some people actually like the anonymity. I i was reading a couple things where people are like. I kind like this whole that people not knowing what you know who is who in walking around. You know be nice. Forget that you're what fifty sixty seventy pounds lighter so that might be contributing to it for you know. I put it back i. I'm not moving as much like eat like crap. I i gotta. I gotta go back on it. Yeah no i. Don t eight days of sugar free so except for my drink my fair share and burying nager on friday night so i made up for during the week now sugar in that now on your so i gotta hop. A new story will quicken. Then we'll get into some stories of the week I had one of the funniest. Saturdays have had a very very very long time. I'm expecting for not eventful. Saturday drinking coffee watching soccer on tv. Right is pretty pretty chill. You know kids are all either spending. That i had friends that are gone. And it's pretty quiet a house and i got a text going. Keep it classy. And i go from some of that. I don't talk to alter started rekindling. Our friendship go. What the hell did i do. Your comes a picture and it's a picture from the of basically a to. How do i put this to marital aids about yay long..

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