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I'll tell you why we did it we had we had a guy no names who put online in a public page all of our passwords so he could remember them say doesn't work here anymore however that was what we said we got to do something so we got last past and you you know what your business in the same boat you need last past and i believe in it so much it's one of the company benefits we offer a free last past personal subscription as for everybody who works here so we have last pass for business passwords we have last past personal for all our employees by the way i you can do this you can merge them both so that each stays private but you only have one last pass fault that has a section of it that's for your business stuff in a section for your personal stuff i really liked that feature and last pets works everywhere i do all my devices i even use last pass on lenox because it's got chrome extensions fire extent fox extension safari extension what else edge so you internet explorer you can use it anywhere of course there's last pets apps for windows and mac i i often do that those those really work well it it works on windows s when his ten s you wp there's a store up for last pass and of course android in iowa too so that means when you create a new account or open a site or you know even serial numbers it's in there and it's acceptable so if i create an account on the on the desktop and i go there on my phone i log in i really have the past week.

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