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In this mass shooting. At least three others were hurt in this killing, killing in the mass shooting, rather in the 60 to 100 block of South Morgan, here early this morning around 5 30. Now we are also told by Chicago police. That they're one of the injured is severely injured in this and so that possibly could be 1/5 fatality in this mass shooting. The motive is still unknown, and no one is in custody. Since about seven o'clock last night. 26 people have been shot in Chicago, seven of them fatally. Another of these shootings happened on Lake Shore drive overnight of fatal shooting there. It happened at 1100 North Lake Shore Drive. Police initially responded to a vehicle that hit a light pole. When they arrived, They found two men with gunshots. One of them was yet another was taken to the hospital of third person hurt in the crash. No one is in custody. A massive chemical fly five plant fire in Roxanne is expected to continue burning for several more days. Fire broke out yesterday morning at the camp Tool plant on Prairie Hero Road. The flames, sending large black plumes of smoke into the air, prompting concerns about how that might be affecting air quality, especially for people with breathing issues. Officials evacuated everyone within a one mile radius of the fire. They're asking people within three miles to wear face masks. Northwestern university pulmonologist Dr Mark Sala. I think people in general with heart and lung conditions such as coronary disease, or COPD, or asthma are certainly the most at risk for developing acute complications from having inhaled something in this area. Those individuals might notice symptoms such as palpitations, chest pain, shortness of breath weaving air quality monitoring stations are now set up throughout, rocked in to keep track of any other dangerous. Error levels. The longer person exposed to that poor air quality, the greater the chance of complications. The cause of the fire is still unknown. Fire crews are letting it burn out so that they can avoid any nearby contamination contamination of the nearby Rock River. From water that they've been throwing on that fire. Veteran educator Jose Torres will take over for Janice Jackson when she steps down as CEO of Chicago public schools at the end of the month. Mayor Lightfoot making that announcement yesterday. We are grateful and lucky to have someone of his depth and experience to be serving as an arm CEO. Torres was the superintendent of Elgin District, U 46. They President of the Olympic Math and Science Academy in Aurora. Torres says the district will focus on lost learning during the pandemic. The police chief of Aurora is retiring after 30 years with the department. Christians even making that announcement. Yesterday. You may remember. She was a finalist last year to become Chicago police superintendent on Facebook, she wrote. She is had the privilege of serving the city of Aurora. Our last day is set for August. The sixth and now WGN community corner is brought to you by Waubonsee Community College. Here's Andy Maize. There's a 68 ft tall windmill along the Fox River in Geneva. Was originally constructed in the 18 fifties for a total of $900 in 1914. The bill was purchased by Geneva resident Colonel George Fabyan. He spent 18 months reconstructing it, making upgrades, including a new foundation and basement level. The additional floor brought the mills total to six, the tallest in Illinois. The mill was closed in 1990 but was restored and reopened in 2005. I'm Andy Maser with community corners on 7 20, w, G, N and now WGN sports with you. Even a Cubs opened a four game series with the East, leading Mets with a five to lost New York, scoring three in the fourth. Jake Marietta, while the Cubs managed only in Eric Sogard single off Mets starter David Peterson, and he got picked off. Cubs finally got a couple runs on home runs. Anthony Rizzo and Patrick Wisdom, who had gone four games without one and has found some high tech helps in joining the co Tripoli. I'm not really used to having the iPad in the In the dugout. And you know all these heat maps and you know what have you So at first, I really wasn't looking at much, You know, just watching him in between any and see what he's throwing getting, You.

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