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At Bank of America stadium. Panthers falling thirty one twenty four to the Atlanta Falcons with the Cincinnati Bengals coming up next. The Panthers will go into that contest with a one and one record. Let's take a look at how the final stats laid out today that brought to you by Harris teeter where panther fans shop for groceries and the numbers somewhat similar, and maybe not a little bit auto whack than you would think that maybe the rushing numbers for the falcons. I know Ron just remember just said that they thought that they didn't expect the running game to establish for Atlanta as as well as it did. But the Panthers had more first downs than the falcons by four twenty seven Twenty-three third-down was really key in this number kind got boosted by the last drive Panthers. Five eleven forty five percent from third down. And Atlanta at one point was six of ten. They ended up six of eleven fifty five percent. Four hundred forty two yards for the falcons four thirty nine for the Panthers. So awfully close numbers. Airbrushing was a little bit skewed falcons hundred seventy yards hurt. Twenty one yards for the Carolina Panthers. Of course, Kevin Coleman had one hundred hundred six yards in charge and tell us that in a minute. So I don't want to jump the gun. They're passing yards. Matt Ryan to seventy two Cam Newton had three hundred eighteen yards in the air. But one couple numbers we like to keep an eye on penalties. Panthers. Seven for forty nine yards and two for twenty six you know, that's usually flipped in last year. The Panthers were the least penalized team but had seven penalties. Forty nine yards in the game today in time of possession. Sometimes when it's just it doesn't really tell you much thirty eighteen thirty seconds for the Panthers twenty nine. Minutes. Forty two seconds for the Atlanta Falcons. What were some of the individual breakdowns shouting Cam really a good game thirty to forty five. Three touchdowns. One interception. There really wasn't his fault. Also as the team's leading rusher with forty two yards. Christian McCaffrey quite the game for Tien Steve Smith with fourteen receptions, one hundred two yards. I'm also ran for a couple more. Devin funchess had seven catches seventy seven yards. Jerry's Ray with some some key catches as well. And he was five for sixty two yards and that touchdown DJ more only had one catch. But it was a big one for that. Touchdown Leuke Klay as usual all over the field led the team with eight tackles, James bradberry. Head seven Dante Jackson, six tackles. And also with that that interception for the falcons the big number. You don't like to see us that Tevin Coleman hundred and seven rushing to that was the first time in twenty two games. The Panthers given up are allowed one hundred yard rusher. And then the other Russians tell you don't like his Matt Ryan four four tenths eighteen years for two touchdowns and the first time in his. Rushing touchdowns. Yeah. Yeah. After having five is entire career. So I don't like to. What are the numbers that is promising Julio Jones only got sixty four yards on five catches, James bradberry? Great job slowing him down. So. The rushing that that was the the key game today. One of the key problems for the Panthers. Anyway, panther football..

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