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And then to link it to all your earlier struggles, I think is a little bit much. Okay, speaking of struggles. What about inter Miami? They lost one nothing to FC Cincinnati over the weekend, or by the way, first in the Eastern Conference. Joseph Martinez did not score in this game, obviously. In her Miami didn't score. That's now 5 straight games without a goal for Joseph Martinez, something that has never happened to him before in Major League Soccer. Herc, are you preaching calm? Or alarm? For inter Miami and Joseph Martinez amid this scoring drought. Oh, I think it's alarm time. Now, it may be that into Miami got Joseph Martinez at a discounted rate. And maybe that Atlanta is paying for a large portion of that salary, but he still taking up a space on the field for you. And yes, he may be only 29 years of age, but he doesn't look like a spry 29. If you watch him play recently, he looks like he's laboring. He doesn't look fit. He doesn't look like the same Joseph Martinez of the Atlanta days under Tata martino. And I understand, maybe he won't be that Joseph Martinez going forward. That Joseph Martinez, who completely took the league by storm, a goal scoring ratio capacity that we've not probably seen since Robbie Keane. That may not be the Joseph Martinez we have going forward. This is a Joseph Martinez who looks like since his injury. I should say 10,017, a player who's missed extensive time. In three different seasons, whether it was his hamstring or twice because of

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