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President Trump is On his way out the White House because of the boats that have been counted so far. He can't change it by a tweet. He only hope he has it For some reason he really does uncover What reasons to challenge the ballot. So far, we've heard rhetoric, not fact. But it takes more time for people to see what lawsuit may still come. That's fine. President elect bite and meanwhile, is making a priority of his is his promises. Monday morning, he unveiled his Corbett A task force. They're working on, perhaps getting a deal in this lame duck by pointing Which got me into this. A pivot here is that I don't see any sign yet that Trump will sign anything that he thinks is helping Democrats who helped get him out the door. Yeah, I I hope that doll on all that Congress can figure that out. I mean, I know the Republicans are saying they won't sign anything over a trillion dollars and that there was some holdups routine What Democrats Republicans in Congress wanted, but now it just feels a Ziff I don't know. I just I hope that that I hope that becomes a reality for the folks that really related, so we'll wait and see on that. Let's talk about some of the local people who may be named to the Joe Biden administration who may be joining him in Washington I noticed is this is this already happened, Dr. Zeke Emanuel. You know, brother of Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to be part of the covert task force. I'm seeing. Right, and that started this morning. That's an official announcement. Also a former commissioner of Chicago Health Department whose name escapes me, But if you have Julie Marina, Dr Julie Marina Julie Morita, and she was in the pointy insured in in the Mayor, Rahm Emanuel administration, she's also on the task force. She's now at the Robert Wood Foundation. So those appointments republic are made task force met this morning, the biggest name out there from Chicago. Sheila Nix and well known to those of us who cover politics, Maybe not to the general public. Next was the chief of staff to Jill Biden. It was the second lady of the United States during the Obama administration, and during the Obama Biden reelection campaign. She was a chief of staff to Joe Biden. He's been working on the binding campaign is a senior advisor. She helped run the Illinois biting campaign from its early days and she is Just positioned if she wants it. I think you have a top spot. In the incoming administration. Mellody Hobson, also on the list, the uber successful financial person, There are areas Ariel Investments, the CEO there she's you know, she's on the list of what for what would she get? Well, she so here's kind of a different I think Nick's. It's really already involved in the Biden world, and it's part of the bite in orbit. So on a sheet on an on ramp. I believe if she wants it so to other people Melody hops in who was a big fundraiser for Biden and Senator Tammy Duckworth's have also been mentioned, so they're kind of goes into a more speculative place. So Tammy Duckworth's was on the short list to be a Biden vice president. Uh, wounded Iraq War vet has also been mentioned as perhaps in line. Defense secretary or the secretary. So for my two cents worth he is. She thinks she has military in her DNA as a commander in chief would ask her to do something to serve. That's who she is. But I also want to say she is very happy being a senator from Illinois. And if the Democrats take control of the Senate, she would be in line eventually, perhaps to be the chairman of the Armed Services Committee, So she's on a very, very big ramp. For a very big career in the Senate, and who knows what that could lead so I think no matter what happens to Tammy Duckworth's, by the way, just being on the short list is vital. Vice president puts you in a very influential spot whether or not she's officially in the administration, Linda just have a few seconds left here, and we'll be talking about this later on the show with different people, but the transfer of power. I just want to get your take on it. Did you see the General Services Administration admin Emily Murphy she was doing the Sunday morning talk shows in her Maybe Saturday. She was on our side shows and she was saying that they're going to abide by the law. But they're not. She's not ascertaining the Biden is the president elect yet and that until she does that, the funds that they need the federal agencies for staffing and everything like that doesn't fall into place that there is a hold up there. So let me let me be called. Therefore our listeners, I'll do it quickly. That's true, and it will be resolved in a few weeks because once the electoral college meets, it will be settled. Now. Lucky for the people of the United States is that Biden already has been eight years in the administration and hums of people around him who had worked in the White House. So losing these weeks isn't great. But you have people who know where that where everything is and what to look for and have years of experience of in In the administration. Of the government. So it's the damage of any of this is lesson than it otherwise would have been. If you had someone come in without the White House experience that Biden and the people around him have Speaking of years of experience, we respect yours, Lin and we certainly I always appreciate your perspective on these things. So thank you. Thanks for the time today you and keep track with what I'm doing on Twitter with Lynn. Sweet will do. Thank you. Lin. Have a good afternoon. Thank you. It's Lynn Sweet. She is the Washington bureau chief for the Chicago Sun Times coming up. We're going to talk with Dick Simpson. He's good. He's the guy. You can explain where politics and history kind of intersect and he can talk also about the transfer of power. Look back in history has ever been this contentious. Will he'll tell us coming up?.

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