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He get out the way? Still charm with 'em full-service. Okay. Right. Right. I liked it. So when I do get your compensation like that to referee has. The power to say. Yeah. They could tell you that you don't have to list what they listened right there. Yeah. Yeah. Big boys. Get in line for those guys top each. Okay. All right. All right. But I was just washing more Washington face wash. Okay. Because you got to be one hundred percent man by this name. Right. Yeah. Trying to get into these closer, stinky, and he wouldn't bite on our wanted to talk about the the motion. Where did you were you playing the music? I thought that was back behind. Between the arena. The face off me. Handy written all over at night going back Mel DJ days. You know, he had a bet on that a little gin and juice. Yeah. Stuff from snoop kind of cool. It is cool. Every once in a while to hear a guy that's not a broadcaster get into the booth, and they figure out real quickly that it's not as easy as they think it is and second let's entertaining. It's very entertaining. Because most celebrities, you know, they go in and you can tell how completely lost their because it's hard played by playing caller. If you're good at it. It's a it's a quite a skill. So when actors go in, you know, to the press box or whatever they show up for an inning of baseball or something like that. Usually it's kind of a train wreck a snoop dog. That was extremely entertaining. I think he played it off. Well, what he was smart was doing was he was just being snoop Dogg himself. He didn't try to be a play by play guy color commentator snoop. And he was he was snoop. And that's what made if you remember twenty seven thirty maybe now years ago when Bill Murray said Kerry. Yeah, that's is. So cool was that he didn't try to be Jim west correct time. He he was this guy. Hey rafe. He was calling Raphael. Palmeiro Rafe Rafe just being Bill Murray. Bill Murray way. Yeah. And that became historic now. Yeah. That's how you do it. I mean, it was it was interesting. I told you guys last hour. There's a lot of stuff that they put out here from Fox Sports west. But I wanted to find some of the better the better moments early. So he was around for. I think he's stuck stuck around for a whole period. For a long time. Yeah. And I tell you it's clear that this was he does not know much about hockey general. But the the old adage for people who are hockey fans like myself is you got to go to a game. When you watch it on TV, it's one thing. But when you go to nothing in person, nothing like you understand why it is such a popular sport. And why it's so exciting and like he was reacting to that life. It was cool. Very cool stuff. So stupid dog making his play by play slash color commentating debut last night on Fox Sports west here on your hip. Hop station. We play all the hip hop hits night and day right here without a break. Dr dean four in a row with no talk. My rap. Name is ball d. Dr with.

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