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Where you just repeat other lines in the song in a different melody and that's your bridge yup absolutely like britney spears one hundred percent britney spears you know like britney spears when when she does stuff in that movie being britney spears yeah let's get into music video which by the way is good quality i should say the title in the title and everything it's true that there is a worse upload of the wild west version of the music video where like the picture is like skewed and grain you're looking through it like from a really boring funhouse mirror sis sys slightly skewed slightly skew view askew you might say so yeah this this is the only wild wild west thing about this song is like they wedge it into this music video in ricky iglesias he he walks into a deserted southwestern town that's just void of any sort of dance dancing has been forbidden presumably by the local posse who runs this town and how do we know that we know that because there's no dancing there's there's like a tumbleweed rolls by and it's not one of those like smooth soul tumbleweed right i it's it's the no dancing allowed tumbleweeds yeah in fact is we pan across these dusty streets the camera stops on a wanted poster for in reiki iglesias himself presumably for crimes against modesty and homeliness and chastity exactly who's an outlaw he's an he's a sexy dancing outlaw we get except he doesn't it.

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